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The Witcher S2 E7 – Voleth Meir

The buildup is real! I haven’t watched an episode in a while so I did today on my day off and things are starting to gradually intensify for what, I’m hoping, is an epic finale.

Tensions are rising between Fringilla and the rest of the Nilfgaardians and their truce with the elves, and when Francesca’s baby was killed towards the end, did I realize shit was about to get real. Fringilla gets a chance to shine in this episode when she realizes the alliance is failing now that the elves want to focus on rebuilding and the Emperor will be arriving the next day with high expectations. He won’t be too happy to see that the elves have had a change of heart, so it was a real surprise to see Fringilla paralyze all the generals and kill them, except Cahir once she realized they had doubts about her being in charge.

Meanwhile, Yennefer intends to lead Ciri to the Voleth Meir the Deathless Mother to regain her chaos, lying saying they are going to Cintra first because Geralt is there, while Geralt reunites with Jaskier and some other old friends to find Ciri right away. The stakes are high now that the mages and other kingdoms are aware of Ciri’s power and the potential she has to end wars and possibly the world too. This was the time when Geralt realized who Yen made a pact with as well.

I didn’t realize Ciri’s frustration to control her power allowed her and Yen to be transported to the other side of the river, but hey, Elder Blood is unpredictable.

But, the whole time, I was also suspicious of another thing. Ever since Dijkstra’s introduction, he’s had a barn owl in his possession that’s been going to various places and characters like Dara have been talking to it. It’s no ordinary owl and I may have said this before already, it’s definitely Philippa Eilhart and I’m excited for when she finally reveals herself.

Now the Deathless Mother is free and it looks like she just possessed Ciri, that was one helluva cliffhanger since Voleth Meir is part of the Wild Hunt, what she intends to do with the girl, I guess we’ll have to wait until the next episode.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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