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Sound the Amnesia at Night on the Elvenpath of Light – Music of February 2022

Miss me? I did a lot of excessive writing the past few weeks here and my fanfics that I decided to take the rest of last week as a break to just recharge and focus on some other things.

I’m watching my email like an eagle for when I can order my Steam Deck and while everyone buys Elden Ring, I think I’ll just wait for it to go on sale!

This month is full of some random songs that either popped into my head without any warning, or they were from something I was focusing on at the time.

Bryan Adams – Sound the Bugle

Recognize this tune from this iconic film? I will say this isn’t my absolute favourite track, but it does have a sad and powerful melody where all picture is Spirit on the train with all those other horses being transported to work on the railroad under construction.

During this moment, it’s like Spirit has given up hope after he was recaptured thus forcefully separated from Rain when she was injured, but I think in this scene, when he has a vision in the snowstorm of his homeland with the herd and his mother, he regains his confidence to free himself once again. It’s a beautiful song that encourages you to never give up even in the toughest times and that’s what makes me love it more now.

Ian Carey & Rosette feat. Timbaland & Brasco – Amnesia

Unusual pick for this month, but I remember my mom loved this song, it’s a great dance tune and I remember when Timbaland was featured in a lot of songs like head. I may not be a fan of rap, but this song is a catchy dance tune and there are occasionally songs within the genre combined with pop

Even though it’s about unfaithfulness when someone you love cheats on you, I love the melody and beat that I want to add it to one of my fanfics in a chapter where my character is going through a stage of confusion, denial and insecurity. So, I think that’s just what I will do.

It’s a fun song to dance to or sing the parts that you can sing, I can’t rap that’s for sure, but hey, I still have a weakness for this song.

KISS – Turn On The Night

No matter how hard life gets, KISS is the band that always makes me feel better since all their songs are the type of rock music with a sound that just makes you happy. Their music has never failed to ease my mental health in many situations. Everyone needs that band that has that good-feeling catchy sound that does just that for them.

So, this is my favourite track from the Crazy Nights album and it always feels like the song that makes you just forget about anything and sing/dance your heart out. I never get tired of it and I don’t give the music they released in the 80s enough love, that was the time they took their makeup off. I see Gene kept his Axe bass no matter what!

Nightwish – Elvenpath

This month I reviewed Nightwish’s debut album for the hell of it and this is one track I always liked, even before I wrote that review.

As I have mentioned in the review itself, the song is a great intro to the album and Nightwish as a whole. The band was still trying to find themselves at the time. Tarja acted like she already had done that, but even she still had some growing to do! Even though I have no preference of which singer is best, because Floor and Anette are great too, there’s still something special about Tarja’s voice that is rare. I love the melody and bridge narration in this song a lot.

Gareth Coker – Restoring the Light, Facing the Dark

Last but not least, why not introduce a track from a new game I’ve been playing? I’ve been recommended the Ori series before so I bought both games when they were on sale last summer. I was told that if I loved games with beautiful graphics and music, then I was going to definitely adore this series.

I started playing Ori and the Blind Forest and it didn’t take long for my heart to grasp every moment, the game has so many emotional moments and the score is so beautiful it either makes me cry or soothes my anxiety.

When I played a few weeks ago on my day off, I had just successfully cleansed the Ginso tree and to my surprise, the tree started to fill up with water again. I thought my work was done, but no I had to escape! I died several times since I was still in the phase of mastering the Bash ability, but you know what kept me sane and pushed me to keep trying? It was the score, it was so beautiful I just couldn’t give up, especially the piano portion that starts at 0:30! On the brink of tears of happiness and motivation, I tried again and again until I reached the top and my relief was short-lived when Kuro approached and knocked me off the tree. I was horrified that she was going to devour Ori, the music was still piercing my heart until I saw what truly happened in the end.

It’s so strange yet so remarkable how a game’s music can be so incredible that it makes you continue to play when you’re in a dire situation. At the same time, the music sounds like a feeling of hope that the tree has been cleansed and is once again flourishing with clean water. It’s a sign that if the water can be restored, then so can the rest of the forest.

The second part where Kuro appears is a different story. Before that I only saw her in a cutscene but this was my first encounter with her and the story seems to point at that she has taken over the forest since its decay and the music at her arrival in this part indicates the threat she appears to pose for Ori. Of course, maybe she won’t be that way forever, but I will know more once I get further into the game and will talk about that in my review. I am currently in the Forlorn Ruins now and this track and the Spirit Tree are my favourite scores from the game so far. The game is phenomenal and I can’t wait to share my thoughts about it here.

That’s it for this month, I have done a ton of writing the past few weeks so after publishing another chapter of my TCW fanfic and my last blog post, I took a short break, it may extend into this week as well depending on something I have planned with my family, but rest assured I have tons of blog post ideas brewing every day, and I may spend some time this week working on another chapter for one of my fanfics.

See you soon.


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