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The Witcher S2 E8 – Family

I don’t know why, I thought there were going to be at least three more episodes, but this episode was so intense I didn’t realize until the very end that it was our season finale! And what a finale it was! Spoilers ahead.

The last episode ended with Voleth Meir possessing Ciri and the result of it transported her to an alternate reality back in Cintra, while she proceeds to kill other witchers within Kaer Morhen. Geralt and the others work to find a way to eliminate the Deathless Mother and it is revealed that another one of those monoliths was in the castle all along, hidden inside the tree where all the medallions hang.

It was an epic battle as the witchers had many casualties against the monsters unleashed from the shattered monolith, and Geralt tries to break Ciri free from her illusion, even when she sees her parents in the dream plead with her to stay. It isn’t until Yennefer sacrifices herself to draw out the Deathless Mother where they are transported to another realm and we get to see the Wild Hunt, up close and personal this time before Ciri takes them back to the safety of the fortress.

It appears that Yen has regained her chaos from her actions, and even though she has betrayed Geralt earlier, they both recognize that they need to stand together to protect Ciri, especially now that she is wanted throughout the Continent for her Elder Blood.

While the political side of things intensify, I finally got to see Philippa Eilhart show herself in human form and Emperor Emhyr arrived. I was wondering why they didn’t show is face until he does revealing a shocking surprise! I’ll stop there and let you figure it out.

What a finale! Some parts of this season were a little slow but it’s all part of the build-up.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


2 thoughts on “The Witcher S2 E8 – Family”

  1. I enjoyed this season despite so many others disliking it. I haven’t played any of the games and read some of the graphic novels, so I can’t say anything about comparisons. Some parts weren’t my favorites but overall, I was satisfied 🙂

    I’m looking forward to the prequel coming out.

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    1. It wasn’t a perfect season, some parts just dragged and didn’t interest me but it did have some good moments for sure. The games, you can skip the first, 2 and 3 are great especially 3. I’m going to read the books, someday.

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