Will I Play Elden Ring? Someday

That’s all I can say in regards to the title.

It’s not just a pet peeve for me as a gamer when people pester me on what I should play next, but also the pressure to play something that’s been hyped up before its release and continues after release.

And yes, Elden Ring is one example. The highly anticipated Dark Souls-like game is finally out and damn it I haven’t even been able to get through that series either! I still have to figure out how the character build works and keep myself sane if I die too much… which will happen whether I like it or not.

This is one example of the ongoing pressure one might feel in the gaming community whenever a highly anticipated game is released, we’re supposed to drop everything and play it. That’s not what I do unless I am eager to play it on a scale of 1 to 10 it’s 7 or higher.

Elden Ring sits at 5 right now also given how expensive games are upon release, that’s also why. I prefer to not pay $80 for a game unless I’m very eager to play it and/or there’s no other option like it’s a Nintendo game.

I like to take my time with video games because of my busy professional life. Many of the games I have reviewed here are games that have been released over a year ago, and that’s okay because no one should feel like they have to be caught up with everything that occurs in the industry.

The fact of the matter is that I also didn’t do a lot of gaming earlier in my school years because my interests weren’t broad enough until now. You could say that’s what also made me “behind” but I prefer to take this at my own pace instead of hurrying into it because it’s currently new, hot, and everyone is playing it. So if that means I don’t play a certain game until months or years after its release because I’m either busy (not just with work but playing other games too) or haven’t become extremely interested in playing yet then so be it.

I mean the same thing could apply to things like fanfiction. What if when I play Detroit Become Human; which has been out for a few years and fall in love with one of its characters and decide to make a fanfic even if there are already tons of them written the year the game was released? I don’t think it matters, I’m sure lots of fans would still read new ones!

I mean, Elden Ring looks like an exciting game, I’ve seen a little footage. I may need to look a little more, but like I said. Why should I play it right now if I’m not feeling the strong desire to do so? I want to start the game on my own terms when I’m ready, even if by then everyone else I know has beaten it. Hell, I think I’d like to try to at least learn the ropes of Dark Souls first which is something I keep procrastinating at!


7 thoughts on “Will I Play Elden Ring? Someday”

  1. Same. Dont get me wrong Elden Ring sounds like a cool game, but its not something i could see myself play.
    For a couple reasons, one its not really my favorite genre and two, ive already have a huge backlog as it is and would rather focus on that instead of going after the next hot thing.
    And I stopped feeling bad about review mostly older games, like sometimes you never know there are people who mightve also never heard of it and be intorduced to it for the first time. The fact that i choose morr obscure and/or indie games helps

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    1. I love indie games but there are lots of bigger titles that catch my eye too and I’m definitely not ashamed of writing review for games that I just finished playing that have been out for months or years. In fact yes I have had some people come to me and say “hey I remember that game, glad you enjoyed it!” I do see myself playing Elden Ring one day, I do love dark fantasy games with hack and slash combat, but as I said, I don’t think I’m going to play it until later, when that will be, I don’t know.

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  2. I’m in the same boat as you on this. I have no desire to play Dark Souls personally because I like playing games I enjoy, not games that I think will frustrate me. If you ever play this game, I’d be curious to read your review.

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    1. Well Elden Ring will likely have a similar experience to Dark Souls since it is made by the same developer. I don’t like to get frustrated with games either but after going through Hollow Knight, Darksiders (especially the third game), and DOOM, which are all games where I died a lot I might be able to face Dark Souls with a more mature and patient attitude. If I do play and finish Elden Ring I will definitely review it.

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  3. Ive played alittle but if the first game and started Elden Ring three months ago . My advice is to play with a friend, and have them help you through some of the boss fights . What console do you own?

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