Metal Attraction

Dreams like these always give me more ideas for my current fanfiction projects that either make the final cut or don’t.

I am currently working on my Heisenberg fanfiction Metal Thunder after my last dream about Karl inspired me to begin it in the first place, but let’s be honest, I was going to create it anyway once I had fallen in love with Karl and played through the game at least once!

In this dream, this is the point in the story where Karl and I had taken a break from working on all his experiments and his metal army to get some fresh air (at my encouragement) and we walked around the grounds. Karl was trying not to look at the castle and our hands touched one another a few times causing me to glance at him smiling, he managed to do the same until he decided to hold my hand for the rest of the walk. I could have sworn I saw a carriage at the factory’s main gate, it could have been Lady Dimitrescu spying on us because of her constant suspicion of Karl’s devotion and wishing that I was given to her instead.

When I asked Karl if that was her, he laughed and said that if it was, she would have torn down the gate with her claws and demanded an explanation from him. I tried to imagine the ensuing argument but it ended with her clawing him and until I intervened and she would storm off and then I’d take Karl back to my bed-chamber to heal. The image disappeared afterwards and went back to the present moment, relieved that it wasn’t going to happen. He laughed and said he wouldn’t even let her in and she wouldn’t get very far even if she sliced the gate open.

After that, we went back inside into the room where the kiln and multiple workbenches lay, and he decided to take his coat off as it was starting to become too hot and he was wearing a sleeveless top underneath those layers. I saw how strong he looked and he said it was a side effect that came from Miranda’s work that he was proud to have. I watched him work for hours until he took the last shirt off when it became too hot. There were scars across his chest just like on his face, but the latter I had never noticed until I saw the rest of them he had gained.

He said that the scars served as a reminder of the pain he went through and he would never want them changed. It only made him stronger and that’s why he would stop at nothing to kill Miranda and be free. At this point, I had already agreed to help him and told him that he had made me a stronger person too and that I was starting to see that my own power was not a curse but part of who I was.

He pulled me towards him and said he said his charm always works eventually and then kissed me, after a few seconds he lifted me off the ground saying he didn’t want to think about Miranda or whether Lady D would help or not, all that mattered was us, and he started to carry me up the stairs while making out with me in the process. Well you know, he knows his factory inside out so why would he need to bother looking where he was going?

This dream could be another potential scene later in the fanfiction. The last dream with the scene containing his mutated form gave me an idea but I don’t think that form is going to appear in the story until the final battle. But, that doesn’t mean I could still use something that almost leads to his transformation into that that leads to my SIOC warming up to him!

So that was last night’s dream, I slept in a little this morning under the assumption that the dream would continue to the part that would be too explicit for this blog but I’m sure you know what happens next!


2 thoughts on “Metal Attraction”

    1. That’s the power of imagination! A lot of my fanfics are dream-inspired. The dreams I consider to be rough drafts of the story and sometimes changes are made.


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