Streaking Green Sky High

I’m not surprised that I had this dream last night, especially since I’ve been doing a lot post-game in Shining Pearl, I’ve caught several legendaries in the past month. Azelf and Uxie were the first. Then I used my master ball on Giratina, and last week I caught Heatran, Registeel and Regirock (actually, Regirock I caught last night!)

In the past, my strategy was to whittle them down with a Pokemon that had False Swipe and pelt them with ultra balls until one of them was miraculously successful. I always had the assumption back then that ultra balls were the best, but that’s not always the case. I feel like it always takes me time to change those strategies to make them work even better. Then I realized the importance of other balls used for catching them. Better late than never right?

When my ultra balls were having no luck with Azelf I remembered dusk balls are handy in caves and at night so I’ve started relying on them too, preferring to hunt for legendaries at night now so I have just another type of ball to help me succeed. That helped me also catch Heatran and Registeel, while Regirock was a lucky ultra ball throw. I’m also grinding for shards in the Underground and find them faster when I play online.

So, yeah last night’s dream definitely fits with the legendary hunting I’m finally committing to after failing to stick to it in Omega Ruby. (can Nintendo please make a Switch port for that??)

I woke up on top of a mountain peak, it was cold and windy and the rocky ground was encompassed in a blanket of clouds. It must have been Everest given how high up it was. I could feel the cool breeze against my face and when I rose, there was a long green pointed tail instead of my legs, lined with yellow marks and little rudder wings with red tips. A tail curled up on the ground attached to me, or was I actually floating? I didn’t even need a mirror to know what I had turned into in this dream!

My darling Rayquaza, I can’t wait to catch you in Shining Pearl! My second favourite legendary and my brain knew what it was doing because even if Palkia is my number one, there is also one Pokemon that I could be that matches my personality and other traits, it would be Rayquaza, hands down. Why? Because firstly, Rayquaza is green all over and it wasn’t until I caught them for the first time did I realize wearing that colour suits me. Secondly, emerald is my birthstone and it’s my favourite stone ever. Thirdly, Rayquaza seems very introverted, living high in the ozone layer away from people and other Pokemon, just flying around doing its own thing.

Not that I hate people, but I love my solitude and would spend all my time flying in the stratosphere as Rayquaza, or riding on its back as myself and we’ll fly together feeding off the particles of water for millions of years, away from society. It’s funny, Giratina comes very close to this Pokemon identity claim, where I wish I could just be in the Distortion world away from everyone where I control everything that happens there!

Once I realized what I had become, I raised my great head, yawned, and slid off the summit and began to fly. I could see my own serpentine shadow on the ground thousands of kilometers below in any of the gaps in the clouds and I began to fly faster, then upward making inversions, swooping through the clouds, and then back up again. Nobody saw me, not even a single jet that went past me. I was streaking too fast in the sky for anything to notice! I must have circled the Earth hundreds of times, but I didn’t car, I felt free and happy while soaring forward, looping (those I enjoyed the most) and rising higher into the stratosphere. I didn’t need to sing this time, I just needed to enjoy flying with not a care in the world.

When I returned to that mountain peak to sleep, that was when I woke up and already heard robins singing outside. It’s spring! Yay! I still have to catch Regice before I can go for Regigigas, I’m also eager to obtain Lugia because it’s an SP exclusive and I’m happy about that because I prefer them over Ho-oh. Oh and how could I forget about my third favourite legendary Groudon!?

Anyway, that’s it for now, I’ve got some rearranging to do in my room, some other writing projects to work on before I do two night shifts this week.

Oh I wish I could also find a pair of Rayquaza earrings that are like my Xenomorph ones!


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