Together Inferno

I never thought I’d have a dream that features my friends, especially the ones I’ve met online but not in person.

I have many online friends that have stuck around for years and if we could meet up someday, then I would make it happen. Support can be near or far as they say.

It was like we were having a blast together and didn’t care that anyone was staring at us. I was sitting with two of my friends who are the most active on my Discord server. We were sitting having dinner at a restaurant in Germany talking about music.

It was like any other restaurant I had been to but with coloured lights on the ceiling and a big window overlooking the city. The music playing was all metal instrumentals that day and then I heard one that I recognized was the opening to Inferno by Orden Ogan, one of my favourite songs from the Final Days album. I burst out singing, my friends looked at me as I didn’t care how many people overheard and were staring.

Then my friends eventually joined in and we were standing on the table headbanging and singing our hearts out. It makes me wish that I did submit something to go in the band’s music video! Ah well, life goes on.

I remember the dream eventually shifted to us on the ground in the middle of an actual inferno as the song was playing and I stood waiting for the band to arrive but I sadly woke up before that could happen.

I haven’t been making much content lately after clearing my backlog of posts but I’m sure something of inspiration will return to me soon. I am reading some books and playing different games so it’s a work in progress.


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