Hell Sent In The Clouds

Well, that was a dark and vivid dream that made up for the lack of them the last two nights. I think it’s just what I needed because yesterday’s shift went well most of the time, except for one part and a good dream, no matter how scary, is just what I need to take my mind off of it.

I was exciting a car on a suburban street and preparing to go with some friends to the zoo, and I haven’t been there in real life since the 11th grade. Some of these people I was with I actually recognized were people from work. I wouldn’t tell them when I see them on Friday that they were in that dream because there are certain things that are better left unsaid with the way my unique brain operates!

Then I was walking down the path towards the zoo entrance with hundreds of other people like we were going to a festival instead of a place like the zoo. We had to pass through a rather strange security booth with a small wooden building where we had to spray these masks and then we could go through. I followed everyone down the stairs and down a winding outdoor path just like the ones I remember from the zoo with many crossroads.

But there was something different, there were so many overhead roofs like the outdoor concert venues I’ve been to, and there was one open habitat before the main entrance full of Kirbys in a rainbow of colours running around with Waddle-Dees. I stopped to admire them for a little bit before following everyone else to the main entrance. People were gathering at the gate and entering slowly but then they were beginning to stop and stare as the sky quickly grew dark with ominous clouds like in War of the Worlds. It was pin-drop quiet, and something was forming of those clouds two shapes: one of Hela and the other of a massive three-headed dragon.

The Hela I saw, was from Hellblade since I finished the game this month and the dragon was Hydranoid, people started to back away and soon they were running away screaming as the two enormous cloud figures grew larger and came closer. No matter how many times I chanted or spun around, I did not transform to face them, so I ran with the others, back the way I came, up the hill and stairs to the shelters. I couldn’t tell if they were gaining on us, except for the brush of wind from behind and then everything went black. From there they must have caught up to me and I woke up there.

This whole scenery did remind me so much of Hellblade, especially now since I recently saw the first reveal of the sequel where there was something similar to Hela that Senua was facing with other warriors, I can’t wait to see more of that.


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