So Much To Live For – Sisterly Bonds

We’re back on Dawn Rochelle’s journey. After her bone marrow transplant, she returns to the cancer camp as a counsellor this time.

This was a much different take than the last volume and introduces several new characters such as Marlee, a girl with cancer still on chemo, and Brent, Sandy’s brother.

I’ll admit when I saw the latter, I mistook him for Greg because the author seemed to discard the love triangle with him and Jake too quickly as Dawn gets close to Brent.

When I first met Marlee, I initially thought she was a bitch but Dawn never stopped trying to support her since she seemed the most terminally ill, unlike the other kids. This eventually leads to her opening up a little more and this volume is quite short, focusing on the sisterly bond that grows between them.

Call me psychic but I had a feeling that Marlee was going to die, especially once Dawn found out she was back in the hospital with no chemo and surgery, just narcotics to ease the pain.

Can’t say I didn’t see this coming. I honestly think this book doesn’t focus a lot on Dawn’s development other than her budding friendship with Marlee makes her recall the memories with Sandy. It was still a decent read nonetheless.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


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