The Grand Machine and the Beasts

I’ve neglected to write about some very vivid dreams that I’ve been having lately, so this is going to be one of those posts where I combine two dreams into one article.

Why the turning gears? Well when I think about pieces of metal, I think of my beloved Karl Heisenberg. All these dreams about him are just giving me more and more ideas for the fanfic, when I reach the part of the story where things get really passionate. But before I get there, I have to find a way to buildup to the turning point that will lead to the steamy moments!

In this part of the dream, it was the eve of the final battle against Miranda. Karl and I had done everything we could to get the other lords on board, only Lady D’s participation was questionable. Moreau on the other hand took a lot of persuasion.

I was getting ready for bed in the one and only bedchamber the factory had, and Karl asked if he could come in. I told him yes and that I was ready and felt confident in my powers now thanks to him, but deep down I was also afraid, he said he was too, all he wanted was freedom.

He took me towards the mirror and said we have both changed, he learned to be more selfless and I, more confident. Standing behind me, he took out a necklace with a single silver gear and clasped it around my neck. He then whispered in my ear that the grand machine is complete and that I am the final piece.

This was also a story I told one of my friends who thought it was perfect for him to give me a gear as a gift, with the concept of me being the final piece to complete the grand machine, whatever that is. I like to think of that machine being Karl’s own self-esteem which he hides behind his egotism.

I looked over my shoulder towards him thanking him for the gift and he kissed me while holding me from behind. It gets steamy after that but that’s classified!

The other dream I had, I was my Jedi OC and I was with another Jedi just as young as I was. He looked a lot like my brother (though at this point I’m not sure what he would be in the Star Wars universe.

We were sneaking through Jabba’s palace, clearly looking for something, or someone. There were guards everywhere and I kept my hood up. I was mainly concerned about staying out of the main chamber, like I could sense something in there, not Jabba himself but a trap he kept for his own entertainment.

It made me think about when I first saw Return of the Jedi as a kid, I never saw how people fell into the pit to be devoured by the rancor, it happened so fast with Oola and Luke. Then as an adult, I saw that Jabba would hit a switch that made anyone standing on the trapdoor, fall into the pit. That’s what C3PO was trying to warn Luke about.

We snuck a little more and I trembled as we headed down the stairs. I saw the big curtain and a square tile and tugged at my partner’s cloak whispering that we shouldn’t go in there, for I could sense something monstrous down below if we didn’t watch our step, literally and figuratively. But he didn’t listen and went in. I could then see a vision of hs falling into the rancor pit and having to kill the beast.

Funny, I have had dreams about rancors before but this one is in foreshadowing rather than physically present.

I did so much writing today because I wanted to finish some projects before going on night shift tomorrow. I published another chapter of Metal Thunder and will have a game review live in a few hours. Stsy tuned.


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