Just You And Me By The Red Water

Long time no see that’s what I want to say because it feels like I haven’t blogged much this month.

Well, after celebrating my birthday, I started playing Detroit Become Human and have been playing the hell out of it whenever I get a day off. I will often play at times where I am less likely to be disturbed which is what I always do when playing through a story-rich game for the first time and I am hardcore loving this game!

I have also been focusing on my fanfics because often when I clear the backlog of blog posts, I shift to some other projects while more blog inspirations come.

Last night when I was playing Detroit, I finally met Cyberlife’s former CEO, Elijah Kamski whom I was looking forward to meeting since he is played by none other than Neil Newbon. (He also plays Gavin Reed but I’m not into him, Elijah is cuter.)

It sprung up on me after I helped Markus and North break into a Cyberlife store and I was starting to swoon when Connor and Hank walked into Elijah’s isolated estate. I did realize who it was until the dialogue option presented it! Long story short, Elijah is really cute! I knew this was going to happen!

Then I went to bed last night still thinking of him and sure enough, a dream followed!

It started with me walking towards his isolated estate and it was already dark out. It was summertime and the crickets were chirping, my car was out of gas and I had pulled over just outside the entrance. Seeking shelter that was warmer than the car. I hopped the fence and rang the doorbell. I didn’t know who’s house it was and you’d think if he had any security systems in place, they would have picked up a stranded young woman trying to get inside, in her summer nightgown no less!

The android, Chloe answered the door and I shivered apologizing that I just needed some shelter for the night and hopefully some fuel. She smiled and let me in and I never bothered to ask why she was walking barefoot with a blue dress. Then again I had no shoes on either, still in the clothes that I went to bed in!

I followed her inside to the well-lit lobby and the first thing I saw was the portrait of a very handsome man in a suit looking proud, when I asked her who it was, she said it was the master of the house and Cyberlife’s former CEO, named Elijah Kamski. She also mentioned that he was sleeping and she would inform him of my presence in the morning. Then she led me up the elegant spiral staircase with a huge window overlooking the mountains to a large guest room with a king-size bed, another big window, a walk-in closet, and even my own bathroom. It was so modern and futuristic and Chloe told me if I needed anything else, I could ring the buzzer by the bed.

I lay on the bed but wasn’t tired, I kept staring at the ceiling and tried to imagine what it must be like for someone to live in such a secluded but expensive place. I had recognized Chloe as an android when I arrived and had heard many things about Cyberlife. (this is an alternate DBH world compared to the last dream I had featuring Kamski since in that other dream I was an android alongside Chloe and we were both fawning over the former, it continues to give me fanfiction ideas!) But, I had never had an android of my own, believing I could manage without one.

Then I gazed out the window of the bedroom. The view was decent with billions of stars twinkling in the sky, I got up and walked around the room, examining the bathroom and closet, the latter was empty but the appeal of the place gave off a vibe like they wanted me to stay longer than just one night.

I walked down the stairs quietly and started to explore the mansion. I wandered into the fancy kitchen and saw another android cleaning up in there who ignored me. Then into the parlour with a gigantic flat screen, and potted plants. Then I began to smell chlorine and followed it down the corridor. When I opened the door I came to a room with a large rectangular pool and chairs on each side with carpets, but what interested me the most was the pool, the water in it was a deep crimson which I had never seen before. Someone must have dumped litres of red food colouring or dye in it to make it that way, or it was the interior was red, either way, it was like swimming in blood.

I dipped my foot in the water to find it was slightly cool and then I made a circuit around the pool and turned my gaze towards the large window that took up an entire wall. The view from there was even more spectacular, I could see the Milky Way from the lights turned off and the stars twinkled like diamonds. I became so distracted I didn’t hear the door open behind me, someone in their robe was watching me, and approaching slowly.

As I looked to find constellations in the sky, I heard a man’s voice whisper softly in my ear from behind saying no guest stays here without him noticing, even after dark. I looked over my shoulder to see Elijah himself, dressed in his robe, he then commented he had not seen another human come to stay in a long time since he resigned his position as CEO and told me I was beautiful. I blushed and rebuffed him saying his androids were prettier and they would never wither. Then I looked away from him, embarrassed.

But then I felt him gently brush my hair to the side, exposing my neck and then his arms slowly slid around my waist from behind. I felt paralyzed at first but did not resist due to my own attraction to him that had unfolded inside me since the moment I arrived. He started kissing my neck, brushing softly and even nibbling a little, I felt pleasured and safe in his arms despite having just met him.

He was whispering how I was prettier than all of the androids he kept and how I wasn’t a machine like them and then he kissed my cheek and there I felt him stroke my thigh briefly as his breath was on my neck. I said he sounded like he knew me from before like I was his long-lost love.

He then turned me around slowly so that I was now facing him and caressed my cheek, and said that no android could give him the same pleasure that a human could and it had been too long since he received it. The only sound in the room was the pool water rippling a little in this intimate moment. When I asked how could I give that when we had just met, he said he saw me arrive and secretly waited to see if I would find this particular room and that it mattered not because he knew that I was attracted to him as well.

I could only nod silently and admit he was right about the last part and then he kissed me again, this time on the lips, passionately, in the dark room by the red pool. I felt my body no longer bringing trembles as I kissed him back. When we moved apart I managed to smile a little and said I was glad I came to his place for shelter. He took my hands in his and told me to stay as long as I wanted and ask I try the pool tomorrow. I said I’d be delighted.

When he led me out of the room, I woke up remembering last night how I wasn’t expecting the next chapter in the game after Markus and North’s store raid to be Connor and Hank meeting Elijah, it really caught me off guard but I was happy. New fictional crush? I’d say yes!

Good God, I don’t know what the hell I’m going to say about this game when I write my review but I can tell you right now that I could play it over and over again!

Also, I didn’t think I’d be into men with undercut buns, but for Neil, hey I’ll make an exception!


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