Smart Stalker

Ever imagined an enemy in a video game who stalks you but wasn’t the smartest in the world? Well I just recall dreaming last night that the Sturm from Heisenberg’s factory in Village was just like that!

It was chasing me through these halls that looked like they were within the factory but I first ran into this room that was completely different. Normally the Sturm follows a set path, the only direction you can go is straight under the pipes and down into the garbage chute to escape when you think you’ve reached a dead end!

When I was in that side room, I heard it stop briefly which perplexed me since it’s not the smartest thing around, it just charges into walls all the time! Then I saw it peer inside and I stood in the center of the room with an idea brewing. The Sturm kicked the door down and charged forward, I leapt to the side circling around it and ran out the other way, making a sharp turn. Ducking under several pipes, I found the chute and slid down it to the disposal antechamber.

Just that one little spot where the Sturm checked the room is where it was smarter, it wouldn’t even bother normally. Despite being a total failure, Karl kept it around as an executioner or to dispose of intruders. When he says you don’t want to find out what’s in that hole, it’s like the Sturm is similar to the rancor Jabba keeps in his palace, and sends anyone who displeases him, into the pit to be devoured by it.

When I sat up inside the pile of trash, I had to roll aside a few times to avoid the retracting claw. Instead of piles of scrap metal, I found disposed toys that weren’t even broken. It’s like a reminder of how kids today would prefer to play with iPads than dolls and robots!

I went to my cousin’s birthday party once and there were two younger children there from the extended family who sat in the basement for hours on their parents’ iPad before they emerged hours later to socialize. I think the younger girl took a liking to me once I told her I was still into Disney movies as an adult!

Anyway, will the Sturm be making an appearance in Metal Thunder, yes it will. I have a perfect way that it’ll play out, but it won’t end with me falling into the disposal chamber, it’s going to go a little different than that! Speaking of which, I better get back to working on that chapter! Have a pleasant day.


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