Sandbox Mata Nui

I usually don’t play city builder games. Mainly because I feel like every time I try to build something it turns out very small compared to what other people do. That’s why I have to force myself to not look at what other players have made!

Then I started playing ISLANDERS, one of the indie city builder games I bought from the Steam Lunar New Year Sale this year.

Here’s one of my islands I built in the game’s Sandbox mode. It isn’t much it looks pretty good. It’s easy to get overwhelmed in a sandbox mode, when it comes to building things, I guess I just like to keep it simple so this is a game for me!

Straight to the point, nothing too fancy, your main focus is to just build so I do just that. I should have put more on the higher cliffs but a little open space doesn’t hurt.

I also tried playing the high score mode where you have to reach the goal by properly placing buildings to earn as many points as possible, then move to the next island. I’m pretty solid at that mode but don’t usually get far enough to make an island look booming!

That’s what I’m doing on my two days off when I’m not working on bigger writing projects.


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