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Dreams and Materials Are Legendary Long Reborn – Music of May 2022

It’s the end of May and I have to give myself a mental note to play some more ACNH during June because of Reese and Cyrus’s wedding anniversary photoshoot. Apparently, there are lots of cute items you can get!

I’ve also been doing better mentally now because my hacked Instagram account was recently deleted. Not sure if it was the hacker or the reports that myself and the friends I rallied sent but, either way, I can finally move on from this.

Now, it’s time to get into the core of this with the music I have selected.

Hilary Duff – What Dreams Are Made Of

Hilary has disappeared into the forgotten realms that only millennials like me will remember her and the sensation that she was. This song made me think of Elijah for some reason despite there being no connection whatsoever.

Then again I spent most of this month playing DBH to take my mind off the hack and anything stressful that was happening at work too. I can say the game did a flawless job of it. When I hear this song, I think of happiness, and I’m living in this pretty estate with a red pool and….. ah there I go again!

Madonna – Material Girl

I grew up with Madonna so this is an instant classic for me. It’s easy for me to imagine my own version of this music video with me surrounded by all my fictional crushes in suits. Just imagine Jaal, War, and Karl dressed like that!

It’s also a great dance tune as well that I would hear on the radio at some of the jobs I worked at previously. It’s sad that there are some people today who will never know who Madonna is.

Katy Perry – Legendary Lovers

This song came back into my life and it always makes me think of the power any kind of love can have. Many times on the Internet I would get picked on for loving lots of fictional characters, especially if they weren’t human or unpopular but I thrived in spite of it.

This song was like a theme dedicated to how powerful that love was to me and that it could never be broken.

Tove Lo – How Long

I have no interest in watching Euphoria or whatever it’s called but I do love Tove Lo so I had to hear this single and it gives off Lady Wood vibes without fail. This is what makes her such an underrated artist.

None of her hits have made the radio since Queen of the Clouds and I inadvertently ended up using this song for Metal Thunder’s latest chapter.

Xandria – Reborn

So the announcement on the 24th was that Xandria has released a new single! Their silence since 2017 was due not just covid but also numerous lineup changes aside from Dianne. Ambre, the new singer sounds great!

This song sounds like a fresh start for the band as it is about something being reborn after all! I always wondered why else they were inactive for so long but everyone needs a break from social media and bands/artists shouldn’t feel obliged at any point and time to keep their fans informed of their daily lives. Some say they keep changing members because of something to do with management. A lot goes on behind closed doors that we don’t find out about until later.

Either way, I’m glad they’re back!

June looks like it’s going to be a hot one! I’m ready to go swimming and bike around the neighbourhood.


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