Music and Bands

Hall 3 Roadcrew and the Ironhead Aloy – Music of June 2022

Welcome to summer! Don't like it, deal with it! It's been beautiful weather so far, only a couple of days have been really humid but some days have been great where it's warm but windy and not scorching to a point where I can keep my window open on my days off. This month I've… Continue reading Hall 3 Roadcrew and the Ironhead Aloy – Music of June 2022


Pride and Prejudice – Marriages For Each

I always like to check out classics, but they don't always work out for me and it's safe to say that this is one of them. Pride and Prejudice is a novel that's been around for a long time and has even been adapted into a film, which I did watch at some point but… Continue reading Pride and Prejudice – Marriages For Each


Enough With The Noob

One of the many reasons why I choose not to do online multiplayer games anymore is because of the way the community can respond to certain types of players, especially if they are inexperienced. It's been widely accepted as an ongoing joke to anyone who is new to the game and is say, still learning… Continue reading Enough With The Noob


My Relationship With Memes

Ah, memes, the pinnacle of the Internet to provide us with laughs over everything imaginable. I first heard of what a meme was in high school and it's safe to say that I didn't get it at first. My friends were already absorbed by them and to me, they were just images with text added… Continue reading My Relationship With Memes


Back To The Village

I was trying to watch Van Helsing last night but I should have known better since the Capcom show was occurring at that time and soon I got pelted with texts from friends that the company finally announced some DLC content for Village. I love the game, so I was going to go back… Continue reading Back To The Village


Day of the Devs Eye-Grabbers

Before I had to work last weekend, I managed to watch a little bit of the Summer Game Fest in 2022 and I had high hopes that I would hear something about Silksong. Sure enough, that game did make an appearance on Xbox and Bethesda's showcase with new gameplay footage revealed yesterday. A friend who… Continue reading Day of the Devs Eye-Grabbers


The Wise Man’s Fear – Stories Across The Four Corners

It only took me two months to finish reading this book. Most books that are a thousand pages long take more time than that. What can I say? I was eager to continue Kvothe's story that I didn't delay. A lot happens in this novel that fills in the blanks of the opening lines. Kvothe… Continue reading The Wise Man’s Fear – Stories Across The Four Corners


Out of Africa – Over-Detailed Memoirs

I love to read the original source of something that I watched. But, sometimes it doesn't live up to my expectations. Maybe I put too much faith in what I was exposed to first that the other version is going to blow my mind. Then when it doesn't I'm disappointed. After seeing the film and… Continue reading Out of Africa – Over-Detailed Memoirs


Detroit Become Human – I Am Alive, Android Revolutions

Is there a heart inside the chest of the android? What do you see, machine or man? Sing it with me now! That's the perfect song to describe a game like Detroit: Become Human! It is also the first game I've played that started as a PlayStation exclusive before it branched out to PC. I… Continue reading Detroit Become Human – I Am Alive, Android Revolutions