Stop Hating On Summer

Spring is my favourite season for the flowers I love the most bloom during it but I also love summer.

Being able to sit outside with a book during a warm sunny day, (as long as I can find some shade because I burn easily) is the best thing ever. I also love watching bumblebees and butterflies on flowers doing their business and listening to frogs and crickets at night.

Then there’s a swim in the pool and being able to go for a walk outside without having to bundle up. As long as I have a hat and sunscreen that’s all I need.

My favourite summer weather is when it’s warm and sunny out but there is also a breeze so it’s not scorchingly humid out. I’ll admit I even enjoy the summer thunderstorms where I can stay inside and look for lightning in the sky.

Yes even I will find some days to be too humid where I just want to remain indoors with the AC on but could I ever hate summer? No. Never.

Too many people I know complain about the weather. Too hot, cold, wet, dry, etc. But it seems the hotter weather gets the most hate. I fail to understand why because summer is actually a very short season compared to winter. I get some parts: sweat, allergies, insects, and maybe even insecurities about one’s body since summer is a season too warm for layers.

But there are people who will literally start counting the days until autumn the moment summer begins, retreat indoors, or complain about it on social media until the temperature drops.

Some people told me that bitching online is how they cope because they can’t afford to move somewhere cooler. But whining online will not make summer go away faster. If your way of enjoying summer is hiding inside your air-conditioned home then by all means but don’t complain.

I love autumn. I love to wear my hoodies and band shirts without overheating. I love Halloween, pumpkins, horror movies, and all the colours of the leaves.

I liked winter as a kid but the older I got, the less I enjoyed it. I would enjoy it until Christmas and then after that it felt like it dragged. I cannot stand the wind chill, shoveling snow, and my town doesn’t prioritize clearing sidewalks after a storm.

So, just like your way of enjoying summer is hiding inside, it’s how I enjoy winter: sitting inside by the fireplace with some tea, a book, or game on a portable device and sleeping in my warm nighties. But would I waste my time online hating on winter? No. It won’t make spring come any faster.

I used to complain back then but I didn’t know any better and I have learned my lesson since then. It’s funny if you think about it because I’m Canadian there’s always that stereotype that we love the cold even though it isn’t always cold here. Then there’s the fact that I am a Metalhead and I love warm weather, even if it means it’s too hot for my vest and band shirts!

Still, summer gets an unfair amount of hate and I wish it would dial back a notch. The reality is every season has something good to offer. There is no such thing as bad weather, but there is such thing as a bad attitude and poor preparation for such weather.

So my friends, as summer begins, whether you enjoy it or not, think about what kind of attitude you want to approach it with. You can either accept it and maybe even enjoy it if you’re unable to move to Alaska but being a hater does not solve anything.


4 thoughts on “Stop Hating On Summer”

  1. Lovely post, although, I slightly disagree with ya.

    I believe that complaining about the weather is something that unites us all. When it’s summer, people complain that it’s too hot. When it’s winter, people complain that it’s too cold. When it rains, it pours.
    BUT I still believe that complaining about summer is more valid than complaining about winter. When it’s cold, you can snug up in a blanket or wear more clothes… but when it’s hot, you can only strip down… and you can only remove so many layers of clothes in public without going to jail… So winter wins.

    Also, on a side note that is somewhat unrelated: Alaska got a heat wave last year (IIRC?) that was really bad because the flora and fauna aren’t really made for that. On top of that, houses there don’t have AC (because it’s cold usually) and are built to trap the heat inside. If you get a heat wave, you’ll suffer a lot in Alaska. Hence, I think that the North Pole would have been better for that comparison. 😛 😀

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    1. Oh really? Well I hope you guys have fun wasting your time whining about the weather because you are powerless to stop it, it will not make summer go by faster. I fail to understand why people would rather have their cars stuck in a blizzard that a little humidity and sweat. That’s just bloody ridiculous.

      Actually, no it’s a tie between winter and summer because it’s not just about layers. When it’s too hot in the summer, you can jump in the pool, run through a sprinkler, or take a cold bath/shower if you can’t bear to be seen in a swimsuit, or turn on the fan to maximum level and there you go! Anything is possible but then again I am an optimist and am tired of this whole “winter trumps all fuck summer” attitude that 99.9% of people I know have

      Alaska is just one example and I didn’t want to make this post too ranty over this pet peeve of mine.


  2. I love Summer. It’s hot (I usually run cold) so it works for me. Sure it can be too hot, but I also think it’s important to dress for the weather and wearing light fabrics or workout gear when it’s hot.

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    1. Absolutely! Yes sometimes it can be way too humid to be outside for too long but I would rather fry than freeze, I really don’t like cold weather, I feel like I have more freedom to wear whatever I want in the summer anyway.

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