Enough With The Noob

One of the many reasons why I choose not to do online multiplayer games anymore is because of the way the community can respond to certain types of players, especially if they are inexperienced.

It’s been widely accepted as an ongoing joke to anyone who is new to the game and is say, still learning the gameplay, as a way of shunning them. I have never liked this term and it is called “noob” or “n00b”.

Why do I hate it? It’s simple really. It feels like a big middle finger to new players of any game. Let’s just say you’re playing Halo and you’re not very good at it, you might run into other players who start to call you a noob and say other things like you need to “git gud” or whatever.

So in other words, you’re stuck with only one option to learn the game yourself no matter how long it takes or give up and don’t play the multiplayer mode anymore, stick to story mode where you don’t have to deal with idiots trying to bring you down. It’s just you against the enemy.

I don’t like this approach one bit. If I was an avid MP type of gamer who had a lot of skill and then I ran into some inexperienced players struggling in a match, I would offer to help them instead of straight out calling them noobs just because they can’t play as well because they’re new to the game.

Nothing is worse than joining a match or a forum and as soon as people realize they’ve never seen you before or that you don’t know how to play yet, they pelt you with messages calling you a noob.

Of course, that’s not the only reason why I don’t play MMOs and other multiplayer games, but this one has always been one of my pet peeves, I think it divides communities a lot. Most people seem to think it’s just a joke used to refer to any new players.

It sounds a lot like one of the very first episodes of the show Recess when Gus Griswald was the new kid at the school and King Bob declares him to be ostracized by the other kids on the playground as the new kid and nothing else. Gus eventually grows tired of this treatment stands up to Bob.

So how does someone get out of the “noob” status other than the possible reasons I mentioned earlier? Hell if I know, but this seems no different than Gus’s new kid status granted to him against his wishes.

So noob has become a popular piece of slang in gaming culture through memes and multiplayer games as a means of self-deprecation. Why can’t we all just get along? Stop calling that person a noob just because they’re camping, maybe they’re not ready to go out into the fray only to die repeatedly. Maybe they’re camping because they don’t feel confident enough in their skills and this could be the best way to learn how to play the game for them!

If we want to welcome new players into any game, then we should be giving them encouragement, not tearing them down, but that’s just me.

Thanks for listening.



9 thoughts on “Enough With The Noob”

  1. Elden Ring multiplayer is pretty fun but theres not an in game chat so that can kind of stop toxicity. You do still get some unsportman like things like people logging out of their game when you are about to beat them. But my friends and I just block those people . Also Genshin’s multiplayer isnt too bad either

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    1. I do plan to play Elden Ring someday but I’ll skip the multiplayer. I’m all about the story and saving the world by myself hehe 😉 no multiplayer for me period. Video games are my escape from people.

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      1. Hold it right there, I haven’t even decided when I’m going to play the game yet. When I get to that point then I will figure that out.

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  2. I think in competitive games, the likes of Call of Duty, Halo etc and even older games people just expect you to know how to play the noob this is very real and a dumb issue.

    But in my experience most of the whole noob thing is drummed up online drama by the most toxic parts of otherwise good communities. There’s an Age of Empires 2 pro who does weekly streams of noob games and it’s one of his audiences favourite shows. It’s not a “look how bad these noobs are” thing, it’s just cool to see how people play. In a game like AoE2, that’s 20 years old, seeing someone play different to the meta in a way that is ernest and entertaining is fun. So I think that proves being a noob can even be a good thing and you shouldn’t have to worry about it.

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    1. Of course not, this is just my personal opinion of the term as I have never particularly been favour of its usage no matter the intention.


  3. So much this! I don’t play most games to win, I play to have fun. Multiplayer games can be so much about efficiency and the quickest way to win that it takes the fun out and if you’ve not got the perfect character build or perfect aim, you’re doomed!

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    1. Me neither, also why I stopped playing multiplayer games. I mean we’re all so busy with things like our jobs and if we have kids there’s that too so when it’s gaming time I want to play for fun and not have to worry about anything else.

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