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Hall 3 Roadcrew and the Ironhead Aloy – Music of June 2022

Welcome to summer! Don’t like it, deal with it! It’s been beautiful weather so far, only a couple of days have been really humid but some days have been great where it’s warm but windy and not scorching to a point where I can keep my window open on my days off.

This month I’ve been on fire with writing my fanfics and also with gaming as I have started some new games recently and two of them are featured in this post in a way. I’m sure it won’t take long for you to figure out one of them before you read on from here so let’s get to it!

Savatage – Hall of the Mountain King

Love that riff eh? It sounds like something great to drive to. Remember when I mentioned I got into a few new games this month? Well, one of those games is a classic called Brütal Legend! This song started playing from the Deuce’s Metal Mouth as I was driving around the world just exploring it before going off on the next quest.

This song has some great riffs, it’s really catchy too, and makes me wish, just like Eddie, that I was born when rock and metal reigned supreme over society and this world as a whole. Despite that, I believe metal will never die, if I can find tunes like this decades later, there’s your proof.

3 – Britney Spears

Sudden shift right? Well I will always love Britney and this was my jam in my junior year of high school. I had spent sophomore year obsessed with Chaotic cards and when this song came out, I pictured myself as Chaor invading Kiru City and stealing the teleporting device from his arsenal because my music videos in my head are ten times more interesting than the millions of sex-appeal videos that we don’t need more of.

Aside from that, this is a great dance tune or something I like to walk to either outside or on a treadmill. It’s quite underrated compared to some of her other releases and I never get tired of it.

Motörhead – (We Are) The Roadcrew

I ask myself again, why don’t I listen to Motörhead more? It took a while for their music to really grow on me, but thanks to Brütal Legend I think they’re finally starting to penetrate my heart! It’s a pity it has to be so late since Lemmy passed away in late 2015. I had bought their Ace of Spades album many years ago and at first, I liked it, but got sidetracked before I could become absorbed further.

One thing I like about the band’s songs is that they’re not too long but they’re catchy and their riffs, solos, and beats are fucking amazing! You can tell the band members put their hearts and souls into their music when you listen to it. This isn’t the first song that won me over but I’d say it’s the one that makes me definitely want to invest my time into this band now.

Rob Zombie (feat. Ozzy Osbourne) – Iron Head

Miss Rob? Me too! I finally listened to The Sinister Urge the night before I was scheduled for a few night shifts. I can’t forget the amount of love I’ve received for my Hellbilly Deluxe review so maybe I should do this one next. Aside from Demon Speeding, this is another great song that caught on at first listen. It also features Ozzy which makes it even cooler!

It sounds eerie but still with that hard rock feel to it, I wonder what it sounds likes live. I can tell Ozzy and Rob are friends, earlier this year, I saw the former post a picture of himself with his daughter Kelly and Rob was there too. They were celebrating Rob’s birthday which was January 12th.

Anyway, great song and great to see two legends teaming up to create it.

Joris de Man – Aloy’s Theme

And finally, a total giveaway to the other great game that I started this month! Yes, I know it just got a sequel this year as well and I’m quite behind because I’ve never been a pure PS gamer. I was primarily on Xbox before turning to PC and the first Horizon game was ported to PC two years ago, so I wish-listed it and bought it last year on sale just moments before the actual summer sale on Steam began!

This track is a beautiful theme that introduces you to the game as does the score during the prologue. It sets the tone for Aloy’s journey like venturing out into the wilderness for the first time and learning how to hunt the machines.

I’ve got to say this game absorbed me instantly with its beautiful environment and visuals, stunning soundtrack, and Aloy herself, I love her. That’s all I can say, she’s just a great protagonist that I connect with. I always look forward to playing this game when I get a day off now!

So, that’s it for this month, Canada Day is coming and I haven’t had a long weekend off in a long time since I started my current job, and next Tuesday will mark my 1 year anniversary there.

Until next time.



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