Undead Lord Under A Curse

Once again, dreams are giving me ideas for future fanfiction projects! I can’t share all the details here but something tells me this dream, if I turn it into a fanfiction is going to involve curses, zombies and of course THE Zombie if you get my drift.

There was one intimate scene I recall from the dream where we were trying to resolve the challenges we were facing due to something that was mainly his concern. Something about a curse. We were trying to get the closest we had been for the first time, but just before we could reach the start of the act, something was angering him that made him pull away. It was the fear he had of hurting me, he kept withdrawing and I tried to pull him closer telling him not to worry as we were in the room alone together.

He gazed into my eyes desperately saying he didn’t want to hurt me but something was making him angry inside like he could sense the presence of his enemies closing in on him. He stood back growling in frustration with the fears plaguing his mind. I rushed to his side telling him to look at me, to focus on me, to not let the beast within him take over.

But, it was too late as his eyes became bloodshot and then he transformed into a monster. What kind of monster? Its appearance reminded me of a cross between Garm from Hellblade and a Tollusk from Brutal Legend. I did not run from the beast, instead I took on my Dragon Master form to try and quell it as it roared in my face. A Superbeast, literally.

I remember the dream ending with him bursting out of the room, and I flew after him in desperation, crying and fearing that he would leave me after this. I was determined to not let him go, for he did not know that I had a power of my own and could withstand the lack of stability of his own transformation. But, I was better at concealing mine than he was.

So yeah, that’s all the details I can give because this dream because the story is slowly processing in my brain now and I don’t want to give away all the details whether there’s gore, NSFW content, etc. so you’ll have to wait for its arrival on Wattpad, whenever it is.

I don’t think I will use my Dragon Master OC for my character in the story because that OC is reserved as a universal OC with all the universes I love combined, including for the musicians I love! But I will probably make something similar. For now, I’ve just written up a draft sypnosis.

Over and out for now.


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