Inferno Resort

I must have had multiple dreams about this where I’m flying towards this building that looks ancient but has fire and water spilling out of it. Water on the top and fire down below.

It’s like it’s trying to tell me something like it’s a getaway somewhere to a place I can’t wait to go that will be a paradise but also there are dangers down below that no one talks about.

The two times I went there in my dreams, the first time I was there I met Chris Rorland from Sabaton and the second time, I met Yennefer and Ciri. All of them lounging away either splashing in the water or feasting in the mess hall below but not low enough where the fire was. I would sit and chat with them about what they were doing there and they would both say it was just a nice paradise to get away to. Although, I think Ciri wasn’t completely on board with it.

I ventured deeper into the resort away from all the riffraff to see the true hazard lurking from within. Flames bursting out from the contraptions in the walls (yes my way of describing shit like this sucks) and falling guillotines. To realize what was really hidden within the place, I ran through the traps, timing my jumps and dodges like in a video game, until I came to a room that was frozen in ice. Was this all secretly a torture chamber and no one above was aware that people were disappearing only to be sent down here to die? I vowed to find out more before it was too late and someone I knew would be the next victim.

That’s what I remember before waking up, but I also remember seeing giant eels in these walls while flying to the structure in last night’s version of this dream too. It was like they were from a Kirby game, trying to eat me.

I wonder if these dreams have anything to do with the trip I am taking in September, while it seems like a utopia, there will also be risks I will have to be aware of, as I do with any time that I travel. But I’m looking forward to it nonetheless.


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