The Silent Storm

I love a dream against my nemesis that takes my mind off the things that occurred in reality!

It started with me getting off a bus from another city, assuming it was where I worked because being Dragon Master isn’t a paying job; at least that is how I have made it.

When I stepped out of the terminal there were people waving at me as I was already in my form with wings and all. I just waved back assuming they were just applauding me like I recently saved them from an attack earlier from Naga.

Then as I ventured out into the city and flew around looking to make sure there was no trouble afoot, more citizens were chanting and cheering at me, which I found flattering as I flew down the road and past where I used to go to college. But then, some of the things they were saying started to worry me. Some of them were wishing me luck, and that may seem insignificant because it blends in with the rest of the cheering.

I finally landed and asked one of the civilians why they were wishing me luck. They said there was a negative energy storm imminent. My heart thudded seeing it coming from the North and like the flip of a switch I was outraged to see everyone outside and yelled at them to get indoors since the effects of negative energy were severe more for normal people than they were for me.

The clouds rolling in looked like two supercells combined and everyone started to run as the sky rapidly turned dark. It was like the storm was chasing me only, I hurried to get indoors to let the worst of it pass before it was safe to emerge and confront Naga.

Along the way, I had saved some people stuck inside a bus blocking the road and by the time I got back to my neighbourhood, the sky was pitch black with purple and red flashes. Citizens who didn’t get inside in time were driven mad by the NE influence. Even their pets were going crazy. I saw two cats that looked like my own (which once again reminds me how much I miss them in real life) but they were hostile too and I guess Naga had created an illusion of them to taunt me.

Enraged I yelled up at the sky hoping Naga would hear me that it was bad enough that he tried to control civilians and my guardians when they were vulnerable, but do what he just did, crossed the line. I demanded he cease and desist the storm immediately. A large red eye appeared in the heart of the swirling clouds and his voice replied menacingly that he only wanted me. The clouds burst open and his large white-clawed hand with purple veins grabbed me, pulling me into the darkness. I never saw his face and woke up from that dream when it happened.

I must have slept in a little after hoping that I could fall asleep again and continue the dream from there, because there have been times when I have dreams that sometimes even two nights in a row, a dream continues where it left off.

There’s no guarantee my brain will give me that tonight, but I enjoy whatever it gives me!



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