Events and Whatnot

As a blogger, it’s easy to see things pop up like blogging events that come at certain times of the month.

For instance, every August some bloggers promote an event called Blaugust where we try to post something every day about certain subjects. There are Discord servers, achievements, and more than you can wish for.

It’s also no surprise that there are a few people out there trying to promote it, because blogging is a community smaller than you think. When Blogger was my home platform before relocating here, I felt like there was no community at all because I rarely got any interactions from followers and rarely saw any other hobby bloggers that wrote about similar topics to me. It wasn’t until I moved here to WordPress did I finally see that I was not alone. Maybe I was just in the wrong place and all the bloggers like me preferred WordPress.

But the other reason why the blogging community is small, is that even if you do find your own niche, blogging isn’t something that a lot of people do on the Internet. Viewers prefer more visual things like creators who make YouTube videos, stream games on Twitch or make TikToks. These particular examples provide that instant-gratification with almost no brain work required to process the information.

I’m not exactly great in front of the camera so I prefer to write. If you want to make yourself Internet-famous, it’s easier to do it making videos or art of some kind. With writing, it takes longer, unless you are lucky and happen to blog about some really interesting topics.

Blogging can also be more time-consuming than say, creating a TikTok. Then again, maybe I’m wrong because making videos requires lots of editing too. In fact, given how polished some YouTube videos look, I bet editing those take even longer than writing a simple blog post! But, because audiences like to see visual things, it’s worth the wait for them and I’ve spoken many times how much it irritates me that nobody likes to read anymore.

The other factor to consider is some people may consider it more convenient to make videos, plus when we get busy with our jobs and other life commitments, blogging is something that is easily neglected which I have never understood. Here I am with a full-time job and still blogging away!

I think that’s why other bloggers band together to make events like Blaugust to unite us and that our content may not go viral like some TikTok video, but we are still a family. I have even been asked a few times if I am going to participate in these blogging events when they occur and if I get nominated for a blog award, I try my best to respond to it, but sometimes I don’t always, especially if I don’t think I can come up with an answer for all the questions.

So what about Blaugust? Well it sounds fun and all, I tell myself that I just can’t participate because yes I do write on this blog, but only when I feel like it, not when I’m challenged to. Not to mention, my career is quite demanding so it isn’t as simple to work on and publish something daily. I also have fanfiction that I write too and of course, there will be times when I don’t always feel like writing when I get a day off. Then again, I’ve seen the community reward participants even if they didn’t post 31 days in a row.

I’ve never been a fan of taking on Internet challenges, but I will say this, maybe I will participate in my own way by blogging about my own subjects without promoting the event itself. And if I don’t have something for each day in August, well that’s either because I couldn’t come up with something, I’m busy, or I just want to work on another project. So in a sense, I am participating but I’m also not because I’m going to do this my way.



6 thoughts on “Events and Whatnot”

  1. The more I develop and add to my blog, the more I think its important to do so. Blogging in the traditional sense is starting to feel like a lost art. As you rightly point out, many people would rather engage with a video, or TikTok post that requires minimal brain work! Everything is done for you and there is little nuance or thought required. I do still think there are people out there who like to interpret the written word, and for me, thinking about what I’m going to write about and how I’m going to execute that is far more satisfying than a 30 second video. I enjoy your output and musings Emily, keep it up!

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    1. Thanks Tony, you’re absolutely right. It does feel like lost art and that’s exactly what I’m trying to say. It definitely doesn’t require as much brain work to make videos but that’s why I like reading and writing, I like to use my brain to think things through like what I’m going to write about or imagine a scene from a book I’m reading! Just like you said, it is more satisfying to see some well-thought out written pieces.

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  2. It does make me a little sad that the blogging community is shrinking. For me , I’ve always enjoyed reading blogs rather than watching videos… Mostly because who’s got the time to sit down and watch a video?? Technically I’ve decided to do Blaugust this year, but as I’m really returning to blogging after a bit of a hiatus I’ll be lucky to even get a few posts together during the month😂… As with everything blogging, it’s important to do what works for you 😁

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    1. Absolutely, I admire those who can post daily but I doubt I have the ability to do that. Me too, I enjoy the odd video here and there but I’ve always loved to read things. Lately I’m reading more books while it feels everyone else around me is binge watching TV shows.

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  3. I’m sure it’s different from person to person, but I’ve always been in the blogging scene for myself primerily. Sure, I still get a dopamine hit when I look at my stats – however tiny or large they are – but the number one reason I like to blog is that writing is my passion and sharing it is genuinely fulfilling for me. I toyed with videos but that just wasn’t for me. It’s fun, but I find I lost motivation quick.

    As for the blog events… I haven’t seen any in a while! And I enjoy them. Think you could point me in the right direction of a community?

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    1. Toying with videos wasn’t for me either. I liked some things but I got involved in some drama and then later on I tried to do vocal covers and people were relentless either because they chose to be or perhaps I was singing stuff out of my vocal range. Long story short the words of my idol inspired me to do what I love for myself first. So I began to write my feelings down more and lo and behold my blog was born. Writing is the best way I express myself.

      If you follow Belghast Tales of the Aggronaut he promotes Blaugust in August every year. I’m not an avid participant but he is.

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