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Falling Holy to the Escapade and Strutter with Fire – Music of July 2022

Another month, another set of music to share. I didn’t do much blogging in July because I was highly focused on one of my fanfiction projects which I put on hold many times, I even put it was discontinued but decided not to delete it. Then I pushed myself to work on it little by little when I wasn’t updating the two stories that were my priority.

Then I eventually reached the final stretch and the story I left out is almost finished. I have not finished a fic since 2017 and that story is my biggest hit. It feels good to be so close! It was a hobby I thought I had given up on but it turns out I just had some writer’s block and let it get to me too much.

But, aside from that, onto the main topic of this post!

Kamelot – Falling Like The Fahrenheit

This is a beautiful song by Kamelot, it’s so melodic that I don’t talk about it often. It’s one of my favourites on the Silverthorn. It’s slower than the other songs on the album but it’s still beautiful.

Tommy is a great singer and I like how the songs in this album, including this one, have female backing vocals as well. A song like this proves that metal doesn’t always have to be fast and loud to be epic, it can also be slow and beautiful like a ballad. I remember when I saw them open for Nightwish in 2012 at my first ever metal concert, they did have a woman singing in the back, I didn’t know a single song but I still loved the performance they gave.

Megadeth – Holy Wars…The Punishment Due

I love me some Megadeth and hot damn, they’re all shirtless in this music video! Yeah I have the hots for Dave. This is one of the best songs on Rust in Peace, it’s got some of my favourite riffs in thrash metal of all time. I could listen to it on repeat and never get bored! I also featured this song in one of the latest chapters of my Clone Wars fanfiction too.

The best part is when the song starts to slow down a little but then it jumps into an intense beat. If I were to introduce anyone to Megadeth, I would start with this song, or any other on this or Countdown to Extinction, two of the prime eras of the band in my humble opinion.

Janet Jackson – Escapade

I’m pretty sure I heard this song somewhere from before but it’s beautiful and I love pop music from earlier eras, they stay with me longer than anything from today does. The lyrics are better anyway.

This is such a pretty dance tune, everyone loves Together Again, but personally, this one is my jam along with Love Will Never Do Without You. The music video also suits it perfectly with the multicultural theme, makes me wish that I could just get away from the stressful world for a couple days, weeks, or even a month if I was able to!

KISS – Strutter

The first KISS song of the band’s debut album, I can’t go wrong with this, especially since July is the month of my first KISS concert back in 2013. I remember my friend’s dad was driving us to the show and we were blasting KISS in the car, eventually I put this song on and belted it out. It’s too bad I haven’t got to hear it live the three times that I have seen them. It would have got me super excited!

It’s always been one of my favourite tunes to walk to as well and it makes me walk with confidence. Also one time in college it was Halloween, I had come in my Demon costume and someone asked me to sing this song. I told them at first that I was Gene, not Paul because this is a Paul song! But hey it would be interesting to hear Gene try to pull off this one! That’s what I love about KISS, a different member sings each song, so you eventually get used to what each of them sound like.

Floor Jansen – Fire

I found out last month that Floor Jansen had released an original single and I listened to it during the quieter hours of my night shift. She’s been doing some solo work alongside of Nightwish, starting with covers and then eventually, this.

The piano intro gave me goosebumps and I love Floor’s voice even more after listening to this. She’s so beautiful and talented and I want to try and sing this myself once I memorize the lyrics. As it keeps going, the song intensifies, even when it softens a little at the bridge, you think it’s over and then it perks up again making me smile, hell it was love at first listen! I don’t know what else to say, it’s incredible! Well done Floor!

That’s it for this month, I’ve got a lot of content planned for August cause I’m trying to do this Blaugust thing for the hell of it. If I run out of topics, then maybe I will look at Bel’s list and choose something from there but I’m confident that I’ve already got it covered. Since my blog has grown a lot, I thought why not try it this year eh?

Stay tuned.



2 thoughts on “Falling Holy to the Escapade and Strutter with Fire – Music of July 2022”

  1. I struggle a bit (ok actually, a lot) with the operatic rock stuff like Kamelot. Reminds me of Meat Loaf and Celine Dion and that over-sincere wailing. Can’t go wrong with early Kiss, and Megadeth are always good value. Isn’t it amazing how you can hear just a brief clip of a Janet Jackson beat and know its one of her songs? I do secretly like a bit of Janet. I like posts like this – always good to tune into artists you’ve not heard of that other people are into.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well I struggle a lot with most rap music and genres of metal like death, core, black, with constant screaming. I can’t sing that. I guess we all have genres that we don’t seem to get.

      KISS and Megadeth are bands I love all of their music from, yes their old stuff is great but I like some of their newer stuff as well. For instance, KISS’s last album Monster was fantastic, like a sound they were aiming for for a long time.

      Originally I did this on a weekly basis every Monday picking a song but when life started to catch up to me, it became easier to manage monthly instead.

      Liked by 1 person

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