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Ace of Spades – Love for the Roadcrew

It’s time for my first Motörhead album review so I thought I would start with the first album I listened to. Seriously, why didn’t I become a fan sooner?

Well, no matter, these guys show that this is when music was in its prime in my opinion and after this album it made me hungry for more.

Ace of Spades

So I just realized that I first bought this album in 2015 and it made me wish that I didn’t get sidetracked from them for so long. Why’s that? Well because the intro to this album rocks, right away the riffs win you over with this song, it actually took me a few listens for me to really like Lemmy’s voice, but hey, maybe I just wasn’t used to it, maybe I was expecting something else?

I’m not into gambling but it’s still a great song that I feel is about taking risks in life.

I love the solo in this song, it really keeps the mood going and it sounds like it would have been a great show opener!

Love Me Like a Reptile

Now, this is the song where the vocals won me over! I just needed to hear Lemmy sing a metal love song for the arrow to reach my heart! Once again, absolutely in love with the riffs of this catchy song, it’s the first song by the band that I came to adore.

From there, I craved more, and in a way, it reminds me of my love for dragons since they are, technically, reptiles!

Shoot You in the Back

I think this song has a Wild Western theme to it. Funny story here, so when I first listened to this album, this particular song didn’t play for some reason and the player skipped to the next one, so I had to dig a little to fix the problem.

You know what’s great, the band’s songs are catchy but not super long and sometimes that’s all you need to make something great. It’s a decent song, I’m not in love with it but it’s pretty good.

Live to Win

Pretty fast-paced song, now where have I heard a name like that before? The base intro is great, the solo is good, and the lyrics are nice it’s a song that goes by quickly but it makes me think of wanting to be the best at something.

I sometimes push myself a little to hard to be perfect, and when I’m not it can make me an emotional wreck, but when I listen to this, it’s telling me to pick myself up again no matter what happens. Life will be unfair to you but you can only keep moving forward.

Fast and Loose

I think this song’s riff and beat make it a great song to drive to, and when I first heard it my immediate thought yeah this is definitely a sex one, like about a quick go at it when you can’t sleep! It’s a cute song when you give it a chance, that’s really all I can say, if I said more it might arouse suspicion so I’ll leave it at that.

(We Are) The Roadcrew

It wasn’t until I played Brütal Legend did this one win me over. Another great song to drive to! It’s got an awesome melody and it’s just something I want to sing at the top of my lungs whether I’m in the car or just have it playing while I’m chilling at home. You can tell from the lyrics it’s about the tour life being in a band and getting a little crazy along the way.

When I listen to this, I imagine myself as a Razor Girl in the metal world riding at the back of Lemmy’s bike as he drives around the metal world being the Kill Master that he is. Okay….that sounded romantic.

Fire Fire

This song is okay, it’s got a nice beat and it goes by quickly. I think it’s the second shortest song of this album. Then again most of the band’s songs are under four minutes so hey, it’s solid but I’m not totally in love with it.


I was confused when this song started with chatter in the background before jumping into the riff. Another pretty good one once you give it a listen. I like it a little more than its predecessor.

I like the melody that kicks in at the bridge, now that sounded pretty dark, I don’t know why it seems like that to me. It just does. It definitely also has a better beat too.


Nice riff opening! It actually does make me want to dance! It’s a nice feel-good song with both the sound and lyrics that gets you moving, just kind of those catchy tunes that’ll put a smile on my face. Another good guitar solo as usual. I think this is why I had to push myself to really get into this band, the catchy solos!

Bite the Bullet

The shortest track on the album, I love how it starts before it launches into the main event, but other than that’s it’s pretty brief and nothing too special. It’s the catchy Motorhead that I know and enjoy.

The Chase Is Better Than The Catch

And now we immediately jump into the total opposite with this being the longest track! I love the beat and riff it starts with. It’s not a fast song and that’s what I like, just something different for a change since a lot of the band’s songs seem to fly by when you listen to them, so hey, have a variety right?

The Hammer

By the time I reach this song, I owe it all to Eddie for my reason for loving the guitar riff intro and pretty much every solo in every song on this album! No wonder they call him “Fast Eddie”, so which hammer are we referring to here?

The MJOLNIR? The one Karl Heisenberg has? I guess it can be any hammer we like! A pretty fun, fast, and catchy song I never thought I’d enjoy, but like I said, that’s why I was long overdue to revisit this album.

Dirty Love

Now we’re into the bonus tracks of my copy of the album. I love how I can hear a little more of the bass in this one, too often when I listen to metal, I have to really listen hard to catch the sound of the bass. Perhaps inside we all want a little dirty love don’t we?

Of course, we can’t have some great rock music without a good old love song that is like this one? There’s plenty on this album but this one has that feel to channel our inner desires.

Please Don’t Touch

This one actually features a group called Girlschool which I had never heard of, but they are also British. I can hear them in the background, and when I listen to this one, it sounds a lot lighter on the typical rock tune that I’m expecting to hear from Motörhead so it’s okay but I’m not really in love with it. I think I’ll stick to the epic guitar sound. There’s always going to be an odd one out, and you either like it or don’t.


Last but not least, you can hear some sirens in the background which sets the theme well. It’s a solid song but perhaps it didn’t do it for me, sounded too similar to the last one in a way. I found it to be a lot softer than the others, so yeah that’s a miss. Oh well, there’s plenty of other songs to love.

So, what do I think overall? Well, I definitely will listen to Motörhead more and it’s a great album with many catchy songs that are worth listening to at high volume. There were some songs that didn’t do it for me but I think it’s sufficient to say I liked at least half them on the album. No wonder my friend loves this band so much their music is fantastic in general, I guess this makes me officially part of the roadcrew now, or whatever fans are called!

My favourite songs are:

Ace of Spades

Love Me Like a Reptile

Live to Win

Fast and Loose

(We Are) The Roadcrew


The Chase Is Better Than The Catch

The Hammer

It’s a well-done album and I’m not surprised it’s been praised as one of the best rock/metal albums of all time. I guess it’s time for me to buy a shirt with their Ormagöden war pig mascot eh? Even if a band is gone, the music lives on.

Rating: 5 out of 5.



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