The Red Tower

I recall this dream was like Spider-Man but in a different way.

It started with me in a futuristic vehicle with several other people whom I recognize from work and school. This particular automobile couldn’t fly but it could bounce to a great height.

However there was a hitch, there were was a maximum level of altitude it couldn’t reach.

The dream started with me leaving some kind of meeting with people I didn’t want to remember from my past. Then we boarded this vehicle that looked like a bus with the bouncing capability. The driver said we were headed for a red tower and there was a chopper pad at the very top thay would take us to our next destination, whatever that was.

But I was skeptical because I knew about these buses and feared the tower’s summit was beyond the maximum altitude. I got ready to become Dragon Master just in case I needed to make an escape.

Then the vehicle bounced upward and I could see the red tower as we rose but it was too late as it began to slow down. We were barely close to the top as it began to fall. Some people started screaming, and one point I thought I did too until I transformed almost inadvertently and leapt out the emergency exit as my wings spread. It was a long shot, I didn’t think it was going to work but I flew.

Some passengers were stupid enough to follow me so I grabbed a few of them creating golden strungs from my gauntlets for them to grab onto. And that is how I felt a little like Spider-Man in this dream as I flew and lowered them to safety. I could only carry one person with my own two arms anyway!

When I landed on my frontyard there was something different. A building with lights and inside I could see my Pokemon waiting for me. But what’s interesting is that none of these Pokemon are ones I’ve owned before. When I released the citizens they looked in awe at my critters inside who wanted to emerge and greet them. They were all tame. I went inside to tend to their needs.

I woke up sometime after that but I’m pretty sure everyone was watching me and trying to figure out what kind of person I am. Unique that’s what.

Anyway, that’s today’s dream, it feels like it’s been too long since I had a good one. The one’s I’ve had in the past just weren’t vivid enough for me to write down. Oh wait, there might be another one I can share, but later.


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