Hell on Earth – Leading the Rebellion

Continuing on with this series, once again I find myself not taking the plot seriously in order to write these little reviews but again, it’s DOOM so it’s not meant to be like that. It’s also not DOOM Eternal which had way more lore than this.

Picking up right where the last novel left off, Doomguy and Arlene find a way to return to Earth where the invasion has accelerated and I thought it took them weeks to build a ship to fly because by then the demons would have already won.

When they do reach Earth, they make new alliances with a resistance and their next mission is to regain control from major cities. Along comes the religious Albert who excels as a sniper and the fourteen year old Jill with no military training but very tech-savvy, and an accomplished hacker too.

I liked her more than Albert, despite her inexperience she was willing to learn quickly in killing a demon or driving a truck. Fly even put her up against a spider mastermind and Cyberdemon on a train since she was the only one who could fit into that hole! She didn’t engage them directly but still, pretty risky move there.

I wasn’t a fan of this side relationship developing between Arlene and Albert but on a positive note, the same comedy is there with the names for the demons and now they are calling a Revenant a bony and a Mancubus a fatty. Once again I’m laughing and correcting it in my head.

What better way than to have a Disney tower too?! I mean, yeah that’s funny and all but I still think the first book was a lot crazier.

Anyway, good stuff, onto the next one.

Rating: 4 out of 5.



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