My Elven Love Sleeping City

This dream was definitely lucid, well, most of it. I knew it was happening and somehow I managed to control its duration.

I was walking and flying, following a trail hoping to find one of the loves of my life, Legolas. Yes, I finally had a dream featuring him! He’s been one of my long-time fictional crushes since middle school.

Since then I’ve always had a thing for men with long hair: fictional and in real life and I owe it all to my beloved elven archer of Mirkwood. That’s also why I never found Solas from Dragon Age attractive because I prefer elves with beautiful long hair, not bald!

His father Thranduil is pretty attractive too, so that’s where Legolas gets his looks from! This dream felt like a mixture of LOTR but other universes too. It was like Middle-Earth mixed with modern-day elements.

I was hoping to go to the woods of Lothlorien as I heard Legolas was visiting there. But a part of me was aware that this was only a dream and to keep myself from waking up, I was constantly talking to myself. I wish I knew whether I was my human self or an elf, but also became Dragon Master when necessary. This house was located on the outskirts of the Shire. I was staying there to study the Hobbits then I would return to my real home. (wherever that was because I couldn’t determine it, but there are so many places in Middle-Earth that I would live in!)

Since I was so eager to find Legolas, it was assumed in this dream that we were in a relationship. As I left I saw Shadowfax grazing in a field and began to wonder where his master was. I continued to motivate myself to find Legolas and spoke to keep myself alert about random things. Then that was when things began to mix from other universes.

A trail appeared in front of me down the path as white broken lines distinctly indicated I had to follow and it felt like I was playing Cat Quest so I did. Then there were portals leading me to different worlds and the trail would show me which one to go into. Some of them made me drop from the sky and I would continue to follow the trail to the next one over a forest canopy, a city, and then a room with a Furon robot.

I was worried this was where I would wake up so I kept dodging past it until Crypto arrived to disable it and I leapt into the portal before he could see me. Portal after portal I entered and exited, I started shutting my eyes entering each one of them, and I feared I was getting tired. But I kept talking to stay present in this dream. Soon, I was walking up a path in the night rain and then the trail ended by a house. There was no indication that Legolas was there, but I heard chatter inside the house. It was a very modern place and I sighed ready to concede defeat and wake up after going between world after world. Then I heard a bellowing voice and Gimli emerged from the house eager to see me. We were good friends and I hugged him.

I turned to see Legolas run across the porch and wrapped his arms around me. I told him I did whatever it took to not rest until found him but was also confused because where we were didn’t look like Lothlorien.

He said there was a tear in veils between worlds and that this was the forest I was expecting him to be present in, but the tear had caused an unexpected change that he was investigating. But he was so proud of me for enduring the journey and then he kissed me and I lost sense of everything around me. I was happy to accept waking up then but I still had control and the dream wasn’t over when our lips parted.

We were then dancing together at a beautiful ball in a gazebo made of elven craft with bright blue lights, there were other couples nearby and my arms were around his neck, his on my waist, and our foreheads touching. We didn’t speak, I just let him lead me on the dancefloor and we swayed. I couldn’t have been happier than right there.

Then I fell asleep in his arms later somewhere up in a hammock hanging from a tree overlooking the starry sky, it had stopped raining by then and from there I was ready to wake up, now that I had managed to focus long enough to stay in the dream until I got everything I wanted. Hell, I remember before I even found Legolas, I heard a slight static noise that reminded me of my old alarm clock back in reality indicating that it was 5am and even if it was my day off, I would still be woken up by everyone else! But I still managed to stay in control.

From that moment in the woods, I entered another dream where I was in a hotel room overlooking a city that was a cross between Paris and New York. I wanted to believe it was the former because there were several structures resembling the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomph, but as I flew over the city, something was wrong, the buildings were falling apart in many ways: bending, breaking and water was rising.

Then the dream was shifting where I was terrified at what I saw as the water started to pour out of the windows twenty stories from the ground like waterfalls, it was like being in an Inception scene, and as I opened my eyes to see Legolas beside me, I told him what I witnessed, the destruction everywhere as the city darkened and the water poured through all the buildings from bottom to top like the world had become a dome filling with water. He listened while stroking my hair as I felt traumatized seeing the water rise to the highest points in the city. From there I ascended higher into the sky to avoid getting caught in the flooding.

It reminded me of something I heard on the news about Paris experiencing heavy rain that flooded their subway stations, so that was certainly why I saw this in the dream. But this was far worse and is definitely Inception inspired. I told him it was like watching from the sky as the Titanic sank, but then something changed afterward, the water level decreased and soon new plant life was growing everywhere in the ruins. It was like nature was reclaiming its ownership of the world and I was instantly reminded of the Horizon game series in that post-apocalyptic world.

Legolas smiled hearing that last bit and said nature was precious and that we should never forget that our world belongs to it and we must treat it with respect. That sounds just like the way the Nora tribe and the Na’vi are, doesn’t it? He kissed my forehead and told me to go back to sleep. I did and soon I woke up in reality this time.

The perfect time to wake up, no cutout of the best moment and a satisfying ending. I love it when dreams do that instead of ending abruptly. This is the first time in a long while that I felt like I was in control of what ensued. I ended up sleeping in a little pondering how I was going to write this and the many universes it featured. Legolas was long overdue to appear in my dreams, or maybe he has before but I never remembered any of it.

Any vivid dream is great, but when it’s lucid, you’re aware of that it is only a dream but it feels like you get to decide what happens. I didn’t choose to watch a city flood and crumble, but being able to kiss Legolas and dance with him later, yeah that was definitely my doing!



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