Kirby’s Dream Buffet – Delicacy of Adorableness

A new Kirby game is out and I was in love with this one the moment I saw it. It sent my sweet and salty cravings into overdrive and I couldn’t wait to try it!

Anyone who looks at Kirby’s Dream Buffet might be thinking that it looks a lot like Fall Guys with its racing and battle royale modes, but with fewer players. Kirby is shrunk down by a magic fork into a land full of endless delicious goodies.

That would be my reaction too. Never seen him so happy before.

There are three different modes to play such as a racing mode where you roll down the yummy course eating strawberries and the more you eat, the bigger you grow. There are three strawberry cakes at the end so getting to the biggest one is beneficial. You can also grab food copy abilities to get ahead and impede your opponents.

Then there is a minigame mode where you try to eat as many strawberries as you can that are appearing in a different way.

Finally, there’s the battle royale mode where you try to knock opponents off the field to steal their strawberries using copy abilities. Occasionally some tongs will try to grab you!

You can play these modes as a single game or a Gourmet Grand Prix which gives you all of it in one match. I play this the most. All of the courses are randomized per game but some of my favourites are the Kirby cake for the minigame mode and my favourite race courses are ice cream, chocolate birthday cake, and pancakes.

Kirby’s Dream Buffet is categorized as a multiplayer game but doesn’t enforce you to play with other people only. You can play local or online or if you just want to play against CPUs at a set difficulty then you can. Like Kirby Air Ride, the controls are very simple whereas if I’m playing Mario Kart I have to always hold down the A button to accelerate!

Whether you finish in first place or not, each match will earn you XP and your level increases. With that, you can unlock new courses, music, colours and costumes for your Kirby and decorate a cake on the main table with treats. What I love about the last unlockable and Kirby games in general, is they always find a way to give an ode to previous games which gives nostalgia.

In Free Rolling mode where you can explore a place with a combination of everything, there were also lots of odes to older Kirby games, including some of the most recent like Forgotten Land which is on my wishlist.

Since this is still a fairly new game, Nintendo is probably going to release more updates to improve the experience. They might even introduce events into the game or the option to choose what courses you want to play so I look forward to that.

Overall I can say this game is cute and delicious! It makes me hungry for things I probably shouldn’t gorge on too much, but it definitely made me want some pancakes first because when I started the game, I did a single race to warm up and the pancake course was the first! I think the race mode is my favourite!

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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