Gamescom 2022 Surprises

This month we got Gamescom 2022. I didn’t watch the full presentation but there was at least two tidbits that caught my eye from either watching it live or catching up on info via Twitter later on.

There might still be more things I missed but these things made me happy the most.

Metal Hellsinger won the award for the most wanted PC game, it’s close to the top of my wishlist and I’m really looking forward to the story and gameplay. I’m not a massive fan of the soundtrack, since it’s catered to a more specific set of fans when it comes to metal music. If we were to look at it this way like with the game Brutal Legend: this new game’s music is for those who want to spend time in the Dry Ice Mines as one of the Drowning Doom. That’s not me, I’m a Razor Girl living in Bladehenge.

Either way, the award was well-deserved and the game is not far from release.

The other news that I missed and didn’t catch on the livestream due to being at work is this. Annie and Lukas at Max Inferno announced the release date for A Little to the Left. Last time I heard from these devs was during the Day of the Devs earlier this summer. They said that the game would be released later this year, which I assumed would be in the fall. Now we have a release date: November 8th 2022. Not far now. I can imagine this game being one of those relaxing games that I play when I need a break from something more challenging.

This game was love at first sight with its homey feel of tidying up the house. As someone who likes things organized, it’s an instant like. Now that I know when it’ll be available, I have more reason to be excited about it other than enjoying the demo!

There are some other games that I saw that piqued my interest but these two were definitely the highlights for me. What did you see on Gamescom 2022 that got you hyped?


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