Burn the Silence Down

I actually liked this dream. Being Dragon Master for the entire duration of it.

I was flying over a beach at different altitudes watching the people at the resort to make sure everyone was okay.

All the way I was singing again, but this time it was Floor Jansen’s Fire single.

Many times I think the people down on the beach itself or in the water down below were aware of me. But there was this one boy who was exceptionally rude to me when I landed briefly to ask if anyone had concerns present.

I had to rebuff him until this lady came by and said she was worried about someone who came into her little store she ran on the resort. When I investigated there were no traces of negative energy.

Of course, I had to explain to her what those things meant!

Aside from that, singing that song by Floor reminds me of a daydream I had where I was singing it in a cemetery and somehow it granted me the power to bring someone famous back from the dead. But who? It’s one thing if that person was buried upon death but what with they were cremated instead? Would their ashes just rise up from the ground from wherever they were kept (including from anyone who had a small amount of it) and fuse together to form that person alive and well again as I sang?

Ah the things that make you go hmm am I right?



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