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Wehrmacht Hopelessly a Curse Forever Patient – Music of August 2022

Well, I did it, 31 posts in a row. I never do this, it’s crazy but I thought for fun we would try it this year.

I also went through a lot this month, not just being sick with covid but also some other things that I don’t wish to discuss in detail here. I will simply get down to it with the music of August.

Sabaton – Wehrmacht

One of the greatest songs from Sabaton’s Coat of Arms album. This one is about the formation of the army of the same name by Hitler in 1933 before the second world war began. It was actually a direct disregard to the restrictions in Germany of any renarmament after WWI ended.

I love how on Sabaton’s website you can look up the lyrics of the song and at the bottom will be a summary of the historical event the song is about, as well as the option to read more information about it. Sabaton has always been passionate about history and that makes me love them more.

Other than that, the song has a great tune and riff. Of all of the three times I have seen them live, I have not yet heard this one performed. I wish I did though because I’m sure it would sound great!

Olivia Newton John – Hopelessly Devoted To You

Olivia passed away this month after battling cancer. It was sad to hear this as Grease is one of my favourite musicals despite being cheesy at times. This song is Olivia’s moment to shine as she sings this beautiful tune.

I absolutely loved what John Travolta said to honour her when she died, it was beautiful. She will always be remembered.

Delain – The Quest and the Curse

Delain is back with new members and a new single! They may not be the same Delain that we remember them as but at least Martijn is still keeping the project alive. This song does need to grow but it is beautiful and the new vocalist Diana Leah sounds amazing.

Hopefully this is the road to a new album to come as well, or maybe a few more singles. Remember pyjaks, it’s the music that matters and as long as the one who writes it is still holding everyone together, then that’s what is most important!

Motörhead – Deaf Forever

Since I did two Motörhead album reviews this month, I think it’s mandatory that I put one song from one of those albums in this post! This one is the first I came to love on Orgasmatron. It’s one of those songs that is dark and catchy at the same time.

I also love how on the album as a whole, there’s some experimental moments like this one having a different melody. It’s a headbanger for sure!

Ozzy Osbourne – Patient Number 9

Pandemic, Parkinson’s, and surgery, nothing can stop the Prince of Darkness! After his surgery, Ozzy announced he would be releasing a new album soon and then he released the first single for it, the titular track. It’s a song with a dark sound to it that creates a sense of vulnerability and awareness of one’s mortality. No doubt Ozzy has been feeling that way recently after enduring neck surgery and hopefully he is still pursuing Parkinson’s treatment.

The music video is awesome too where some of his own art appears during the solo, which looks great. My favourite part was when he grabs a bat and is about to bite its head off but a giant bat grabs him and bites his head off instead! Payback much?

I spoke earlier that I thought Ozzy should retire when I learned of his diagnosis but he seems to be doing well so why should he? Lemmy died doing what he loved! Maybe it’s not Sharon forcing him into it, and maybe it’s just that, Ozzy loves what he does for his fans and wants to continue for us. So hey, much respect to that.

I also recently heard that he will be moving back to the UK by next year and I don’t blame him at all. There’s so much crap going on in the US and no matter how much time he has left, I’m sure he’d want to spend the rest of it in his homeland.

Special thanks to Brutal Legend for making me listen to more Ozzy and Motörhead!

Well, I did it, now where’s my Rainbow Diamond award? I didn’t write any of the topics suggested, I just did my own thing.



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