Cat Quest II – War of Two Kings

Another Cat Quest game! After enjoying the first (and I’m not done with it because there are some challenges I still want to try) I was stoked to play the second and acquired it on last year’s summer sale.

I still remember a side quest from the first game where I met a dog disguised as a cat but was having trouble maintaining it in dialogue as his way of talking like a dog. Upon completing the quest, the Gentlebros said dogs might just appear in the next game and they were true to their word.

This time, war has broken out the kingdom of Felingard and the Lupus Empire over a legendary weapon known as the Kingsblade and the general concept that cats and dogs can’t be friends. The two kings, Lioner and Wolfen have been causing trouble and two heroes on both sides are sent by the spirit Kirry to quell the conflict.

The only thing that changed about gameplay was if you’re playing solo, you can switch between the cat and dog at any time and there are arts to unlock. Spells are obtained by finding certain types of stones and I found side quests to be trickier to obtain because they’re not on notice boards anymore like they were in the first game.

I think there are way more dungeons in this game and some of them are even ruins where you face waves of enemies before you can unlock the chest which was a nice add as well.

There is no fast travel for an open-world game like this, but there are Kingsmarkers you can find that act like it, almost. I made my cat like a support build with healing but also with some strong offensive spells while the dog was a tank with magic that created a shield and I would change armor and weapons many times. Much later into the game I found a way to unlock Drakoth’s outfit and weapon and equipped it on my cat while the dog got like zombie-king outfit with a sword, like a Draugr Deathlord.

Once again all the references to other universes in this game made me smile like the first time I went to the Lupus Empire, the tunnel entrance had two statues on each side of the ocean resembling the Gates of Argonath in LOTR!

I love the characters in this game, like Kit Cat is back for upgrading armor, while in the Lupus Empire, Hotto Doggo upgrades my weapons. One side quest also introduced General Bullseye who helped me with stop the anti-cat propaganda that a villager was spreading.

My favourite side quests in the game were ones like in the beginning, the meat quests that pay a tribute to the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde story. Then, later on, I found a side quest in the Barkara desert about how there once was a Dragonblood dog as well as a cat. The lore in these games is deeper than you think which is why I enjoy many of the side quests as well as the main.

A lot of moments in the main story and side quests do have their fair share of emotional moments like with the Dragonblood dog skull for instance recalling its memories and the events at the twin town realizing it’s all a glitch.

When I reached the end, I actually found Wolfen’s boss fight to be harder than Lioner and even the true final boss, Aelius who treats the two kings like his pets. I don’t know, Wolfen just was a tank with his HP so that took some time for me. While Aelius, I don’t know their motives, were Lioner and Wolfen just puppets to them? Then again, the lore in these games isn’t complex like the way I’m used to reviewing games! Lioner and Wolfen sought to divide both kingdoms while the cat and dog you play as want to bring peace because nothing is more adorable than seeing cats and dogs get along right?

Lovely adorable game, and damn must the devs tease me at the end with the possibility of there being a third game?!

Rating: 4 out of 5.



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