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Word Hellraiser and a Superbeast’s POV Souls – Music of September 2022

It’s autumn and it’s the end of another month. I had a lot happen in September, I travelled for the first time in two years and played some new games so there’s a lot going on for me. I also have been discovering new bands and all of the shows that I watch are coming back so I’m trying to fit that into my free time and still write and do other things!

So this month will be starting with:

Sonata Arctica – Don’t Say a Word

I’ve been wanting to get into this band for a long time because hello power metal, hot long-hair dudes, and it’s really difficult to find a song that clicks because a lot of them sound great. I also felt that way when I was giving Rhapsody of Fire a go.

I ultimately went with this one for this post to start since I remember it was good enough to qualify as love at first listen, it’s fast and melodic, the kind of stuff I love and listen to the most so there you go. Now I just need to find something to picture and some other songs that I will enjoy by them too, then I will call myself a fan.

Ozzy Osbourne and Lemmy Kilmister – Hellraiser

This song was originally by Motorhead but the first version I heard was this one where Ozzy and Lemmy sing it together. The animation in the music video is fantastic and I can easily imagine my Dragon Master OC fighting alongside these two legends against the forces of evil! Moral of the music video, is don’t steal Lemmy’s bass!

Ozzy and Lemmy’s friendship warms my heart and the song itself took a couple of listens for it to grow on me, but it was the music video that made that love blossom faster than I anticipated! When I was travelling this month, I found myself getting anxious at the airport with all the crowds and security so I started singing this song softly to stay calm, it helped a lot.

Rob Zombie – Superbeast

Hey yeah! We’re going all out this month! This song was love at first listen, it’s such a pumping tune that I enjoy walking to and jumping and skipping to at certain parts! Rob actually looks hot in the music video with some natural beauty there. Don’t get me wrong, he’s handsome regardless of what’s on his face but still!

Probably not a good idea to watch the music video if you have seizures but I already know the woman in there is Sheri, she looks like she’s a Power Ranger without a helmet fighting with a katana.

It’s like industrial meets power metal and if I ever see Rob live one day, he has to do this one! Also, I’m putting it in here this month because I beat Brutal Legend recently and during the last stage battle against Doviculus, this song started playing and I got so excited I was almost bouncing in my seat while making Eddie do an airborne dance around the arena!

Ariana Grande – POV

There’s always going to be an odd one out in this post. My mom and I enjoy listening to Ariana Grande but she was telling me there wasn’t any song on her latest album that she liked. For me, Positions wasn’t too bad and 34+35 didn’t cut it for me. This one, on the other hand, I do enjoy it. It’s really serene compared to her previous tracks, makes me want to meditate with it, especially its opening.

Ariana’s been really busy and didn’t let any lockdown earlier stop her from recording more music. She’s one of my favourite newer pop artists who has a great voice.

Megadeth – Tornado of Souls

Another great song from Brutal Legend, this iconic Megadeth track combines thrash and power together and I love listening to it. I also got to hear it live when the band opened for the Scorpions in 2017.

Whenever I listen to it, I think of tornadoes of course, several of them in all shapes in sizes like in those dreams I have where they’re everywhere and utter chaos is right before my eyes. I have just always had a fascination with tornadoes and I remember talking to someone in a Discord server who lives in Kansas. They told me they get tornadoes a lot but often they’ll form in a place far away so you can watch them safely from your window! Great song, never get tired of it.

And that’s it for this month, it’s been a while since I was scheduled for night shifts and unfortunately the next set of ones I’ve got are going to be right around Halloween which is a bummer but I suppose I can make up for it by wearing my devil horns headband to my shifts and doing lots of reading when it gets quiet! I am reading The Shining on my Kobo and will definitely watch the movie again when I finish it.

Other than that, I’m working on my fanfiction, even if it’s just a few paragraphs depending on my level of motivation, playing games and the usual. I’ve got some content coming up so watch out for that as well!



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