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Soldier Arcane of One Perfect December – Music of October 2022

Happy Halloween! Unfortunately, I don't get much of a Halloween this year because I was working night shifts right around the time of the celebration so I made up for it by getting into the spooky spirit all month long. (well I do that every year anyway). I am playing so many games right now… Continue reading Soldier Arcane of One Perfect December – Music of October 2022


The Shining – Visions of Insanity

I didn't think I was going to finish this book before Halloween. I very much doubted I could since I've been on night shifts this week which means self-care needs extra attention. But, the great thing about the night shift is that when it gets quiet, I can binge-read to my heart's content if I… Continue reading The Shining – Visions of Insanity

Music and Bands

Keep It Clean, Let Me Sing

I love rock and metal music, there is no question about it. But some particular subgenres are an acquired taste that just aren't for me. Spend enough time around me, or maybe even a little bit, and you'll get to know what kind of music I listen to. While I have a variety of tastes,… Continue reading Keep It Clean, Let Me Sing


I Caught The Killer Deal With It

A dream like this often reminds me of many of those movies where there is always a rift between law enforcement and whatever superhero has arrived to also protect city or the world from danger. In this dream, I was flying as Dragon Master, just keeping a patrol and then I saw a crime investigation… Continue reading I Caught The Killer Deal With It


Steam Next Fest Fall 2022 – What I Played

This is my second time participating in Next Fest this year, and it's safe to say I remember much more fondly what it is that I tried this time! I mean, I could try to recall the demos I played for the summer Next Fest, but that was my first time participating and I was… Continue reading Steam Next Fest Fall 2022 – What I Played


Prodeus – Let Blood Splatter on the Walls

This is a game that I originally played in Early Access and the only one too. However I experienced a lot of issues with lag in FPS and tweaking the settings and resolution didn't make a different. But, because I enjoyed a lot of things about the game already, I couldn't bring myself to abandon… Continue reading Prodeus – Let Blood Splatter on the Walls

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I Really Dislike Facebook Reactions

Remember when Facebook was just about you hit "Like" on something and leave it be if you had nothing else to say? Ah, those were the days.... not anymore. When I was in college, Facebook released an update that allowed us to now "react" to posts to show the OP how their audience felt about… Continue reading I Really Dislike Facebook Reactions