Steam Next Fest Fall 2022 – What I Played

This is my second time participating in Next Fest this year, and it’s safe to say I remember much more fondly what it is that I tried this time! I mean, I could try to recall the demos I played for the summer Next Fest, but that was my first time participating and I was eager to try a few things and then return to the games I was already playing regularly! I’m pretty sure some of them I wish-listed or purchased already.

Regardless, this has now become a regular thing for me, so if I’m up for it, then I will start writing about the demos that I’ve played, just like I do with some of my hauls from the seasonal sales if I buy anything interesting enough to write about!

So, let’s take a look at what I played, shall we?

A Castle Full of Cats

After the success of A Building Full of Cats, Devcats announced a new game just like it but in a spooky castle where the cats are cursed and petting them will free them. While they continue to update the previous game (there’s a new floor coming!) I can’t wait for this one!

In the demo, the main foyer and pantry are available to play. Some rooms are locked until you find a certain number of cats. There is also a bit of story to this game as well involving Fofino so I can’t wait to find out more.


Originally discovered on the Day of the Devs event this year, I was drawn to the authentic theme this game presented. Collecting bones from solving puzzles in an empty city.

Solo dev, Madison released the demo for Next Fest which surprised me especially when I heard she was extending the release date into 2023. I couldn’t figure out all the puzzles yet but I still can’t wait to play this game. Any unique game made by a woman with a unique theme is worth supporting and I love supporting indie devs.

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars

This game was listed as one of the popular upcoming titles in Next Fest and I was attracted to it right away as I knew it was going to be Hack n Slash and with another redhead female protagonist, which I love seeing in any game!

Inspired by Greek and Roman mythology, you play as Hilda who journies to the cursed city to save her father. I think this will be exciting as I played the demo and it was a decent length with two boss fights. The gameplay seems to be Souls-like with resting points, respawning enemies and challenging bosses. I found myself using Hilda’s staff and hammer the most so I can’t wait to get the full experience out of this game, whatever I decide.

The Eternal Cylinder

This was the only game that appeared in my discovery queue and I was drawn to its peculiar creatures and environment and decided to check it out. A giant mysterious cylinder is slowly destroying the world and it’s up to a family of creatures called the Trebhum to survive in their dying homeland while figuring out a way to stop it.

I felt like the creatures and world around me were like what I’d see out of a Dr. Seuss book but with a dark twist to it. Not only does it emphasize exploration but also pushes linear progression once you leave the safe zone and the cylinder starts moving again, so there’s a survival aspect too. The demo was longer than I thought and I didn’t want to spoil too much for myself, so I eventually had to stop. It’s bizarre for sure but I like it nonetheless.

Those are the demos I played during Next Fest. Some of the games will be out fully after the event concludes. Not a big number of demos for me this fall but quality over quantity I always say, and I prefer to speak only of the ones I played and wishlisted. There are also a few other games at the event that I didn’t try but wishlisted anyway because the trailers were enough to persuade me!

Yeah, I’m quite selective with the demos I choose to play and wishlist. I pick and play the ones that appeal to me the most, try them out, and then wishlist. Some people will play a ton of demos and only end up wishlisting maybe half of them or less.

What are some demos you tried and wishlisted?



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