Come To Me Legends

I must have had several dreams about this already and it often starts with me rising up into the sky, not as any of my OCs, just as myself.

Then I’m calling to all my favourite legendary Pokemon to join me in whatever journey we’re embarking on. It’s no surprise because I’ve been hunting for legendaries in my Shining Pearl game. Last time I was grinding for it, I caught the three legendary birds and the duo Latios and Latias.

Now it’s time to aim for the even more powerful ones that are some of my favourites and I can’t wait to acquire them again.

Sometimes these dreams even occur in my own neighborhood but what has made me refrain from writing about them in full detail is that I never see my favourite legendaries actually appear before me most of the time. I’ll be lucky if even Palkia shows up, but that’s still enough to make me happy.

I want to have more dreams to write about and it’ll give me something to do. Lately I’ve been working on my fanfiction and reading some books so I guess my brain just hasn’t found something to take from those things to put into a dream.

Anyway, those are my Sunday thoughts, have a good day.



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