I Caught The Killer Deal With It

A dream like this often reminds me of many of those movies where there is always a rift between law enforcement and whatever superhero has arrived to also protect city or the world from danger.

In this dream, I was flying as Dragon Master, just keeping a patrol and then I saw a crime investigation that seemed to be happening down below on a winter road. I descended and asked if there was anything I could do. The lead detective said there was a murder recently but didn’t like my presence and said I should just go back to protecting everyone from otherworldly threats.

I laughed it off and said their law enforcement sucked and what took them months or years to settle, I could do in minutes, so I stayed and eventually found the body of a middle-aged man clutching a photo of another man the same age as him. There was a wedding ring on his hand. I called the detective over and he said they needed to autopsy it as soon as possible. I smirked at him showing slight satisfaction that he was letting me help.

But it only got funnier that they couldn’t do their job right because when we found some footprints left from the corpse to a nearby cottage. Unlocking the door, we split up to search for where the killer might be hiding. I stayed outside flying around the perimeter of the property and saw in the trees a robotic creature resembling a T-Rex, it was being operated by a young girl, about sixteen. When I confronted her, I didn’t want to fight her, I always showed compassion and ordered her to stand down. It took some persuasion but she eventually broke down into tears and shut down the machine.

If only it were that easy eh? I took her away and when the agents found us the leader demanded to know what I had been meddling with. I shot back that at least I had found the killer and asked what were they doing? He demanded the crook be arrested but I declared she was just a child and deserved redemption. Maybe she was homophobic when she killed those two men, or she was just playing with her invention and it went too far, no one knows. But given her eventual reaction it spoke the latter to me. She had become so invested in her creation she didn’t realize what harm it did.

In today’s society it also shows that not everyone’s intentions mean that someone should be labelled as racist, sexist, homophobic, etc and then harassed and “cancelled” for one action or statement that was misinterpreted or done by mistake. I know this sounds like an extreme example I’m giving here, but it’s also only a dream so it’s not meant to be taken seriously.

It once again reminds me so much about how I have been called a homophobic just for saying I don’t like one particular slash ship between two characters because I have a crush on one of the characters in the ship myself. People are so sensitive they seem to automatically assume the worst and it seems to be most common, from what I’ve observed, among Gen Z. Some of my fellow millennials are like that too but it isn’t as common.

This dream could be seen as a lesson, I hope, for our society.


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