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Soldier Arcane of One Perfect December – Music of October 2022

Happy Halloween!

Unfortunately, I don’t get much of a Halloween this year because I was working night shifts right around the time of the celebration so I made up for it by getting into the spooky spirit all month long. (well I do that every year anyway). I am playing so many games right now thanks to my trusty Steam Deck that it’s hard to decide what to play when I’m awake, but I am playing a couple of horror games and I will be going back to Village for its DLCs once I’m back to a normal routine.

I’ve got some great tracks for this month and they all have such a powerful sound to them.

Sabaton – Soldier of Heaven

The more I listen to this song, the more epic it becomes! This is there 2nd album to focus on WWI and I bet you after this 1 the next 1 will be about World War II but we don’t know for sure.

It’s about when the Col Di Lana summit Italian forces acquired in 1916. It was treacherous but no other side in the battle could secure it without enduring the harsh conditions. At least that’s what I’m understanding, another story that wasn’t covered in my history class. If I were to describe the event in more detail this post would be too long!

Other than that it’s another song that makes me feel powerful like I’m spreading my wings at a summit in triumph. Right now it’s my favourite track on the album and if I ever see them again, I hope they play this one live.

Twilight Force – Battle of Arcane Might

There are lots of great symphonic power metal bands and I wasn’t drawn to any songs by this band, until now. I never explored them further in the past because the last song I heard didn’t latch on as much as I thought it would.

It definitely has a speed element to it as well as it makes me want to fly loops in the stratosphere as my OC with Rayquaza by my side! It’s got a beautiful sound to it, especially the instrumental at the beginning and with dragons hugely present in the album art I am turned on further.

Just like Rhapsody of Fire, another band I for some reason have not further pursued aside from one album. I heard these guys, on the other hand, do LARP on stage, that would make seeing them live interesting.

Ozzy Osbourne – One of Those Days

This song sounds so gloomy and satanic, I love it. Something I’d expect from Ozzy at this point. It reminds of the stigma we Metalheads sometimes face where we’re labelled as satanists when that’s not true and I continue to preach don’t let your religion dictate what music you listen to.

There’s no other way to describe this song other than it’s catchy and full of Ozzy being the Prince of Darkness that we know and love. Also, we can’t have a music video of him without him showing his crazy facial expression that makes him look like he’s laughing an evil laugh now can we?

Motörhead – Another Perfect Day

Need a song to describe how everything is going? Sometimes I use its title in a sarcastic way when things aren’t going well at work, no one knows what I mean and I simply just tell them it’s a song! I love the riff and what I love about the band’s sound is they even make bass sound almost equivalent to guitar, another reason why Lemmy is one of my favourite bassists!

Anyway, it’s a feel-good tune for me so even if I am having a good day, I just want to listen to something upbeat like this! It also appears to have a longer duration than most Motörhead songs. Ever listened to a catchy tune that seemed to end too soon? There’s this one where you think it’s over at some point but then, nope not yet! Another great solo, another great beat, need I say more? It’s another perfect song.

Orden Ogan – December

Hell yeah, a new Orden Ogan single! These guys never disappoint. I know it’s only the end of October and we’re going into November now but still, I’d listen to this at any time of the year! It’s melodic and completely worth turning up loud and singing.

The music video and lyrics and music video, doesn’t it remind you of when covid first emerged? I try not to think about it, but it could be used in a fictional setting as well like one fanfic I have planned centered around this band.

That whole apocalyptic feel, it brings The Things We Believe In vibes and I refuse to call covid an apocalypse! So, I guess that means I’ll just pretend this song is about the coming of the White Frost, android rebellions, or the endless war between Heaven and Hell and the Four Horsemen ride.

A fantastic song as usual, everything this band releases just blows my mind.

And that’s it for now, I’ve been reading a lot of books lately and am torn when to actually publish the reviews, some of them take place at certain times of the year that a lot of people seem to avoid until after Halloween. But I will figure it out.

I could really use some more me time right now, as these days it isn’t easy for me to balance work, hobbies and continuing to hone my driving skills.

Happy Halloween everyone!



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