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Mercy Dogs are Blue for Impact to Shake – Music of November 2022

It’s the end of November so I’m shaking some things up with some songs I’ve got stuck in my head for a while, as well as a few guilty pleasures that I had no idea when I was going to add to this monthly post.

I’ve had some ups and downs this month and I might save the personal things for an individual post in case I do decide to talk about it, but music continues to be the driving course to keep my anxiety at bay. If only I could listen to music all the time.

KISS – Shout Mercy

Monster is such an underrated but amazing album and this is one song that is often overlooked in my opinion. It’s loud and proud and you might ask me how can I enjoy this album so much? Because it’s loud and powerful! This song is the perfect example of that. I never got to hear it live as only the first time I saw KISS did they actually play material from this album.

Everyone loves the classics, but I’ve said it hundreds of times on this blog: KISS’s latest music (even if they never make anything else after this) is also amazing too. Fantastic guitar, loud bass, and vocals to sing along to that I just want to crank up in the car when the time comes! Haters, please leave this blog, Tommy Thayer’s guitar solos are badass and Paul’s voice is on point.

Motörhead – Dogs

I’ve had this one in my head for weeks, a slower song compared to Motörhead other tracks but I just love the catchy riff and beat. After listening to it enough times, I realized it’s one of those anti-political songs about what politics can do to us, make us turn against each other, that’s another reason why I never get too involved in where I stand and the discussions. I do vote, that’s all you need to know, I believe in rock n’ roll, it’s the only religion that never lets me down.

That’s why I added that quote from Lemmy to this blog’s home page if you haven’t seen it yet! The solo in this song is also awesome too, I’ve got three Motörhead albums and this might be the next one I acquire. I hope I get Lemmy’s autobio and a few shirts for Christmas to go with my hoodie!

David Guetta & Bebe Rexha – I’m Good (Blue)

I needed a feel-good song this month after experiencing another setback that I’m considering writing about on here. This is like a remix of the original song by Eiffel 65. It’s very rare that there’s a modern dance-pop song that I actually like so this one was lucky to win me over.

When I watch the music video of David and Bebe on stage and see the crowd and I’m just like damn, modern music is so expensive. You pay hundreds of dollars just to see something all electronic live, which isn’t really live music in my opinion but ah that’s life.

Not a massive fan of Bebe’s revealing outfits and those string bikinis with the thongs for bottoms that those girls were wearing. I’m too small and thin for those and I would never wear something that sexy cause that’s just not my thing. Anyway, this song did make me feel better, it makes me want to dance, I wish it was longer.

Zhenlan Kang – Black Impact (Tyrant Theme)

Run for your life! I’ve been playing Resident Evil 2 a lot and this is so relatable. As soon as Mr. X emerges, I turn and run immediately and the scariest part of this track, is you don’t always know exactly where he is when you hear it. He could be right behind you, or on the other side of the main hall from you! Imagine a tall tyrant speedwalking towards you ready to throw a left-hook and you can’t kill him so your only chance to survive is to run and hide.

In my run playing as Claire, I made the wrong assumption about where he was as I was moving the shelves in the library to create a path to the clock tower after using the jack. Then this theme began to play. I thought he was just wandering outside in the main hall, but nope he ambushed me from behind forcing me to flee to the S.T.A.R.S office! Even when this theme wasn’t playing, I always heard his footsteps somewhere so yeah that was scary shit. Sometimes I don’t even know he’s on my tail! He’s much more unpredictable than Lady D!

Rob Zombie – Shake Your Ass-Smoke Your Grass

Warning: contains NSFW content!

Okay, you’ve been warned! I don’t want to smoke grass (which I guess is marijuana which makes me once again question why Rob didn’t tour here this year… I mean, hello.. the weed is legal here!), I don’t shake my ass either but this song is just really catchy! I don’t think I should call it my guilty pleasure because I already do love Rob. I want to turn this up loud and dance and headbang to it my own way! I definitely don’t need your mind control.

No matter how explicit it is, I really love Rob’s art, he puts his heart into it and doesn’t give a damn what anyone says about it. He’s probably one of the most controversial artists I love but I think that’s one thing that makes me love him more. He didn’t care if his films weren’t successful he just does what he loves to do.

I know he didn’t make the animation for this video but I bet you he did draw the images himself! It definitely looks like something he made!

That’s it for this month. I’ve already got half of my Christmas shopping done and am trying to sort out some self-confidence issues that I can’t seem to do alone. I’m considering getting professional help again because at times I am too hard on myself at work and other personal issues. I want to make 2023 be the year where I can have faith in myself for once.



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