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Go Beneath the Wonders Far Colossal – Music of December 2022

It's time to close one door and open another. With 2022 coming to an end I like to take a moment to reflect on my achievements this year. I don't believe in the "new year, new me" crap because I haven't had an identity crisis since high school. I'm still the same person, I won't… Continue reading Go Beneath the Wonders Far Colossal – Music of December 2022


My Steam Replay of 2022

To wrap up 2022, Steam just launched a new feature that gives us a rundown of our gaming activity for the year. You know, like Spotify Wrapped for those who use it. I was actually quite surprised with the results that Valve was able to pull, especially since I can be so engrossed in a… Continue reading My Steam Replay of 2022


Machine Hunting For Living

Ever played an open-world game for so long that you sometimes forget where you are because you're having too much fun in such a dangerous environment? That's me with Horizon Zero Dawn right now. It's not like any open-world game that I've played. In Skyrim I would always find something to do with quests here… Continue reading Machine Hunting For Living


Why I Don’t Celebrate New Year’s Eve Anymore

I honestly cannot remember when I celebrated NYE the most exciting way possible. It feels like, over the years, my energy and tolerance of people have significantly decreased on this particular holiday. I was probably in my preteen years the last time I went to an actual party. That was when my parents were good… Continue reading Why I Don’t Celebrate New Year’s Eve Anymore


Kiss of a Duke – Scent of Seduction

It's time for me to talk about the 2nd book in the 12 dukes of Christmas series. I was excited to jump into this one because I was looking forward to the comedy and just the general feel-good aspect of the story. After all, it's a romance that still has development but isn't extremely complex… Continue reading Kiss of a Duke – Scent of Seduction


My Escape into a World of Dreams

Well I'm finally jumping on the bandwagon. Okay, maybe not entirely because I don't know a ton of people who are playing this game, at least that was before I joined its Discord server! Disney Dreamlight Valley was released in early access while I was out of the country on vacation. I didn't know it… Continue reading My Escape into a World of Dreams


Little Nightmares – Realm of Gluttony

It's time for another horror game review. This time it's an indie title which I added to my library from the Lunar New Year sale this year. I actually enjoyed it more than DARQ, it's another horror game that finds a way to either terrify or make you shudder without using the typical horror cliches… Continue reading Little Nightmares – Realm of Gluttony

Music and Bands

What I Listened to in 2022

It's that time of year again. People are letting an app track what they listen to and show them what they listened to the most by the final month of the calendar year. Meanwhile, I am sitting over here all old school letting my brain decipher from my own library of records to determine what… Continue reading What I Listened to in 2022


Resident Evil 2 – Raccoon City Epidemic

I had no intentions of playing this game at first when it comes to Resident Evil, but as I was branching out in many interests within the gaming world, I changed my mind and decided to give this classic a go. I think this game was a lot more challenging than the other RE games… Continue reading Resident Evil 2 – Raccoon City Epidemic