My Escape into a World of Dreams

Well I’m finally jumping on the bandwagon. Okay, maybe not entirely because I don’t know a ton of people who are playing this game, at least that was before I joined its Discord server!

Disney Dreamlight Valley was released in early access while I was out of the country on vacation. I didn’t know it existed until I returned home a week later and had one more day off before going back to work.

The game was love at first sight for me in every way possible. I mean hello, it’s like Stardew and Animal Crossing hybrid but with Disney characters!

I was normally hesitant because it’s early access. Some players told me they had little or no issues while on Steam the most common comments you’ll see under updates are those talking about the number of bugs they found.

Those who aren’t encountering any problems are unlikely to say anything.

At first I told myself I’d play at full release but the game must have been calling to me all along until I finally began to notice and then I succumbed.

Now I am addicted.

It’s a beautiful and relaxing game and I love hopping on to do quests and hang out with the characters who have arrived so far. I still have a while to go before I’m caught up but there’s so much to do.

I like how it starts with Merlin because The Sword in the Stone is a very underrated film. Lately, I have been working on upgrading any vendors and growing crops to increase profit.

I opened Scrooge McDuck’s store early since my priority is to get any store that sells clothing and furniture up and running immediately cause I’m all about fashion! Then there’s Goofy’s stalls where I sell him anything.

I first brought Remy and Moana to the valley from their realms. Remy has a huge house which I did not expect, but for a rat who prefers to cook rather than steal, I should have known he’d want to live in something more extravagant than a hole in the ground. I made sure Moana was living on the beach as soon as I unlocked the biome because I know she’d want to be there.

There is a story to it as well where Dreamlight Valley is a place you arrive in when you visit your childhood home, but there’s a force called the Forgetting that’s making everyone lose their memories and sometimes even disappear. Mickey longs to see Minnie again as she has seemed to have vanished as well.

It definitely feels like Animal Crossing because I earn dreamlight for doing simple tasks, just like Nook Miles. I can use dreamlight to travel to more realms or biomes within the valley. I think I will go to Wall-E’s next.

So with that being said, for an early access game it runs quite smoothly and overall gameplay is pretty simple. I only encountered a couple of small glitches and crashed but nothing constant. And as you can see from my shots I’m in full Christmas spirit!

I still have tons to do but already I’m wondering who will be added to the game who isn’t already available to unlock.

I know for sure that Belle is confirmed and possibly the Beast too. Cinderella for sure, Sully, and characters from The Lion King, I would love to see some Mulan content when the Lunar New Year rolls around hell, it would be funny but cute to bring Shan Yu in!

One article said it couldn’t see any Hunchback content given how dark that movie is but it could have some great outfits and you never know.

Aside from my specific suggestions I am sure Ganeloft also won’t forget to include some bigger icons like from Sleeping Beauty, can you see Aurora and Maleficant in this game?

Let me also just say that I like Scrooge better than Tom Nook when it comes to doing business. At least I can pay the cost in full to upgrade something instead of owing a debt and Scrooge doesn’t get all joyful with flowers floating around him when he tells me the price nor is he greedy!

I have two more night shifts to get through and this might be my last update before Sunday so if you don’t hear from me then merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate!

Anyone else enjoying this game?



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