Machine Hunting For Living

Ever played an open-world game for so long that you sometimes forget where you are because you’re having too much fun in such a dangerous environment?

That’s me with Horizon Zero Dawn right now. It’s not like any open-world game that I’ve played. In Skyrim I would always find something to do with quests here and there or I would work on crafting something like new armor or a house.

Oh look, a Thunderjaw!

Witcher III, time between main quests would be spent going to multiple unexplored markers on my map, along with side quests and contracts but here in HZD, it’s a whole different story.

I can do side quests but there’s also so much shit to do. Even if I just feel like exploring, the machines are everywhere so I can just spend some time practicing my hunting skills. (I should probably spend more time at the hunting grounds too.)

Sometimes I do well staying stealthy or I give up once spotted and just pelt them with arrows until they fall! There are other weapons in the game but I love archery so Aloy and I have fun with that! Most of the time though, I’m just running away and getting hit if I get stuck but the combat is way more fun than Witcher III.

The story is taking its time to really get a grip on me because I am easily distracted by the amount of exploration in this game due to how vast and beautiful it is, but when I found Olin again and he started talking about what the Eclipse with Helis were after and something about Deathbringer, then I started to get excited.

I like the concept as well that humanity’s civilizations have collapsed, nature has reclaimed everything and now humans have been reduced to living in primitive tribes and these machines of unknown origin also rule the Earth. I am sure I will learn more about them once I continue playing. I am 50 hours in and feel like I have barely advanced the story because of how much there is to do, but I love the game regardless!

But then again, it shouldn’t matter because I am taking it at my own pace and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I know this sounds like a very brief update but the truth is, with my current lifestyle it’s difficult to make these kinds of posts so that’s why I save the details for my reviews when I finish a game, unless it’s a simulation game then it’s easier to make posts like these!



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