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Go Beneath the Wonders Far Colossal – Music of December 2022

It’s time to close one door and open another. With 2022 coming to an end I like to take a moment to reflect on my achievements this year.

I don’t believe in the “new year, new me” crap because I haven’t had an identity crisis since high school. I’m still the same person, I won’t change for anyone, and I don’t care what people think of me.

I also don’t do resolutions because many times I fail to meet them. However, I do set goals but they don’t have to be completed before the end of the year. At least I can get them started and make good progress.

So, without any further ado, let’s get on with it.

Idina Menzel – Let It Go

The start of a new year is the perfect time to let go of problems that are about to become history, therefore I inserted this song for this month. No matter how mainstream it became, I can’t listen to it without getting goosebumps, I sometimes listen to it when something is making me anxious and I am trying to not think about it, especially if it’s a worry that is smaller than I believe it to be.

One night, I came home from work extremely worried that I messed something up, then I listened to this song to let it go and I felt better afterward. This song is beautiful no matter how many times I listen to it and I relate to Elsa a lot, we both can truly be ourselves when we’re alone where we don’t feel like we have to hide anything. She could no longer conceal her powers in public so she released herself from that restraint and went to live in a more solitary setting.

I was inspired by her to create my own character in my Resident Evil fanfiction who also has magic powers and runs away from civilization, after exposure makes her a target, to live somewhere where she can’t hurt anyone and both she and Elsa have trouble controlling such powers in the beginning. If Elsa can learn how to control her power, than so can my OC.

Delain – Beneath

The more I listen to this new Delain, the more I love it. I want to use this song for a future fanfiction project I have in mind, it could be the main theme for the plot or the love theme between the two main characters. I’m still piecing it together but I would definitely like to use this song for something.

Diana had already won me over with the first song, and here she shines even more. She’s got the perfect voice for a sound like this band, in fact, I think her voice is a lot more suitable for the sound. I have nothing against Charlotte, she’s wonderful, but Diana’s voice really goes well with a heavier symphonic sound. But that being said, I’m sure she’ll sound great on the softer ballads as well.

This song I think is prettier than the last one, not only does it give me an idea for future fanfiction, it also makes me think of Subnautica and the monsters that await me to where I imagine myself singing this song about them.

Xandria – The Wonders Still Awaiting

You know what’s funny? The thumbnail for this music video and Delain’s is both Diana and Ambre are in the same pose! Well almost.

Given how many times Xandria has changed singers, it makes me question how people are treated there in the band and the management. But still, Ambre sounds wonderful and this song has such a mysterious vibe such as when I play Horizon Zero Dawn I can’t wait to learn more about where the machines come from and this Hades that the Eclipse worship, and the ancient machines they are reviving. This lore could have just been spoon-fed to me at the beginning of the game, like the origin of the machines but I’m glad it hasn’t. It just makes it more exciting to learn about it as I play along.

I might have a use for this song in one of my fanfics as well, but only time and direction of the chosen story will tell when I use it and where.

Auli’i Cravalho – How Far I’ll Go

Yep, time for another Disney song! I started playing Disney Dreamlight Valley this month and this song was in my head as soon as I entered the realm where Moana and Maui were residing, there was an instrumental playing of this song.

It’s such a motivational song where Moana knows what her purpose is on the island, but she has a calling for something else, for her lifetime curiosity of lies out there in the ocean. She likes to make discoveries so it’s no wonder her fascination with the ocean is understandable. I need to watch this movie again someday.

Joris de Man – Colossal

I was searching for another great track to use from this game for this month’s music post and then it hit me at the last minute. I remember one day, there was no quest associated with it, but just for fun, I wanted to try it because it felt like a rite of passage to me. I took on a Thunderjaw and it was the most epic battle I had in the game that wasn’t story-related. A giant robotic T-Rex with so many powerful ranged weapons, all it took was for me to stay on the move from a distance and use my Tearblast arrows to knock off the components, I was even able to tear off its weapons and use them against it!

It took two attempts but it was so satisfying when I was the victor. It makes me so excited to complete the ZETA Cauldron which will allow me to override them to fight for me! This awesome theme plays whenever I fight one or a Stormbird. I also faced a Stormbird that was part of a quest which I felt unprepared for and they’re not my favourite machine because when they spot me, they can chase me for several kilometers and they have this annoying gust attack.

So yeah this theme in all its glory has the perfect sound and name for facing the largest machines in this game!

Happy New Year everyone! I won’t be doing much but let’s make 2023 count shall we?



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