When The Sky Comes Looking For You

What are you going to do now?
Out in the lonely times
How will you ever get through now?
Remembering all of your crimes

What will you do, what will you do
Who do you think would attempt a rescue?
Dreaming, screaming, knocked right out of your shoes
Who would you blame, who could you sue
If the sky came looking for you?

Be careful what you wish for!

When I wrote my album review for Bad Magic, I said I could imagine myself soaring above the city or even in the stratosphere while the Motörhead song which shares the name with this article’s title, blasts in the background.

But I won’t be singing it because, you know, I don’t have Lemmy’s voice and I’m not gonna start smoking or drinking Jack Daniel’s with coke to achieve it!

I mean I could sing it with my voice but it isn’t the same cause of how iconic Lemmy will always be!

I don’t remember much of this dream other than it was a hot summer day and I was walking along a path overlooking a lake with many trees. There were other people there as well and I did see some I knew from my past: former classmates, colleagues, teachers, etc. but I was oblivious to all of them, even those who actually tried to engage with me and those were very few in numbers.

The rest of them ignored me and I felt like I was at some kind of reunion that I wanted no part of. I started to run away, my attire was transforming from my nightgown to a black skirt and tank top with the war pig Snaggletooth on it. Then there was music, it started very faintly with the song Dogs but as I began to run faster down the catwalk overlooking the lake, the music changed to faster songs by the band and was smiling, on the verge of laughter, and it was like the people were disappearing around me.

I saw a stairway ahead going upward into the sky, like it just ended right there. My first thought was what it was doing there in the first place. I didn’t think too much other than that, I just made a run for it believing that I could fly, even if I hadn’t taken the form of my signature OC. My feet kicked off the ground upon reaching the edge at the top and before I knew it, I was soaring upward and then I heard it, Motorhead’s song, When The Sky Comes Looking For You, the riffs and drums blasting all around me as I flew through cloud after cloud high above the lake and trees, it was like Lemmy was singing on a cloud somewhere, I could have sworn I saw his face in one of the clouds as well!

It only made me happier just to hear the song as I flew, that I was looping around and soaring up and down through the clouds like I was looking out for him, reaching for the source, even if I wake up before I find it. Never felt so free. Those dreams always make me wake up with a smile on my face and those dreams are worth writing about.



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