Dark Magic Attack

A lot has been going on lately and I have been keeping busy with many things. I’ve been focusing on playing games on my Steam Deck or, games that can be easily played with my mouse & keyboard because the controller I use, seems to have reached the end of its life.

So in the meantime, I’ve started with my occultist in Grim Dawn, and finished the remaining chapters of Monument Valley. Plenty has been happening in Disney Dreamlight Valley which makes me eager to share it.

Sometime after I settled into the game, I started seeing a ghost of Minnie Mouse wandering around but Mickey seemed oblivious to it until his friendship reached a certain level. I feel like I also progress slowly because I really want to decorate the biomes I have gained access to first before I spend more dreamlight on the remaining ones. People in the Discord server often tell me that I should just go unlock the rest of them anyway to gain access to crops from Goofy’s stall that are worth more money.

They made it abundantly clear that pumpkins were the crop worth the most that could allow me to afford more clothes and furniture faster, especially if I was looking to decorate the valley. But I’m always afraid of being overloaded with places to do just that. I have taken baby steps at it in ACNH so who says I can’t do the same with this game?

Once Mickey’s friendship was high enough, I was able to bring Minnie back permanently and it took some time for her to regain her memory but she is so adorable in her polka-dots.

After freeing Ursula, I had no intention to explore too deep into the Glade of Trust just yet because I wanted to grind for a quest Goofy gave me with repairing a boat. I wandered into the glade looking for more iron ore and I was aware there was some dark magic already floating around with the pillar corrupted. But then I went across a bridge to a large tree and completely forgot there was a quest associated with it!

On approach, the magic broke the seal around the tree but trapped everyone else inside their homes. Mother Gothel was able to venture out. (I am surprised Gameloft added her to the game but not Rapunzel yet, maybe she’ll come later.)

She agreed to help lift the curse and I had no choice but to complete the quest since I couldn’t access anything else.

It was sad how Kristoff has to give up his memories of Anna to help me enter between worlds, especially since I had just brought Anna to the village. It felt like I was caught between two worlds like Minnie once had been in order to restore the Pillar of Trust.

What’s next for me? I’ve unlocked the Sunlit Plateau, I hope to bring Elsa to the valley soon and so far I’ve had socks gone missing belonging to Donald and Goofy. Donald is determined to track down the culprit and second clue means I’m getting warmer and can’t wait to find out who’s behind it! It’s an alien, that’s all I know.



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