Landlord of the Woods – Organs and Bones

Today I decided to play a wholesome and unique indie game developed and published by Madison Karrh. Any game made by a solo female dev is worth supporting.

She has also recently released her newest game called Birth which was released last month. But, before I get to that, I am going to check out some of her other work as well, starting with this one.

This short and simple puzzle game is about where you bored with your everyday life, you apply for a position to be the landlord of the woods and you must collect rent from each of the creatures.

In return, they ask you to help them with their own problems.

Some of the creatures in this game were cute and others were a bit creepy. Like the ongoing theme of the plague-shaped skull, and organs I had to find for one of the residents. I always would locate all the items first needed to collect their rent before helping them with their own tasks!

Puzzles in this game are very straightforward involving logic and physics. There was only one that took a bit of patience and timing toward the end when I had to make a solution to clean a needle with the last resident. There is no hint system but these puzzles should be something, in my mind, that anyone can figure out, and there’s no concern for error either so it’s a quick, cute, and relaxing experience.

I find the game’s overall visuals to be quite authentic and this seems to be ongoing in Madison’s creations. According to her website, the images and gameplay are inspired by libraries, insects, and bones, so perhaps she has a fascination with those things. It’s always great to see one’s interests made into a game. It’s a very cute game with a shocking twist at the end that made me laugh!

Overall, that’s all I can say since it’s not a very long game either but as a female gamer, I am always willing to give a go at games that are made by other women, because we deserve the same recognition as men in the industry whether we make games, stream, compete, or just play. Well done Madison, I don’t know if you’ll ever see this because I’m not on Twitter anymore but your games are adorable.

Rating: 5 out of 5.



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