The Festival of Friendship

It’s been nothing but binging in the valley the last few weeks since Gameloft launched a new update with new characters, quests and a star path.

When I started playing this game, it was a week before Christmas and players were already into the heart of the holiday star path which are limited-time events in the game. I was not going to miss out this time.

Now I have finally completed everything from this new update so I’m feeling good and I should probably take a break and play some other games that I still haven’t finished!

Well, actually, I haven’t completed everything, just the star path. Olaf and Mirabel’s questlines still have to be done but I have been completing those with other characters as well. It took me forever to finish Minnie’s because it required a lot of grinding for resources but Scrooge and Donald, I finished their series of quests as well.

Starting Olaf’s questline was easy as a blizzard was triggered in the Frosted Heights so I found him in the ruins where I had to retrieve the orb for the pillar that would halt the storm. Olaf just needed a warm hug to be able to help me repair it!

Did I mention how much I love this jacket that was part of Scar’s questline? I don’t know what it is, I think it’s the colour, no wonder Scar approves!

Now the only two pillars left to restore are in the Forgotten Lands and there’s one on a small island by the Skull Cave and Gameloft hasn’t given any news about when the latter’s connection to the story. But the secrets of the Forgotten Lands, there will be an update later this year, maybe in a few months regarding what’s going on in there. I want to be able to extinguish all those green fires coming out of the ground and find out who lives in that pumpkin house.

Speaking of pumpkins, I have a large garden in front of my house in this game where I grow them all the time there since they are worth a lot of coins. Then I have a smaller garden right by Chez Remy. Once I make some more roads in the other biomes, I will determine the best place for more decor and other gardens.

Bringing Mirabel over was pretty easy and while I am happy to see her, the only downside of it is the mini-Casita is practically the same size as the original in the film but it is so small on the inside, I was not expecting that. If it’s going to be a mini-Casita on the inside, then maybe, I don’t know, make it smaller on the outside as well?

As for the star path, it is to commemorate Disney’s 100th anniversary. Some of the items are okay but I am a little disappointed with the clothes for my avatar like they are these baggy pants and a sweater. I was hoping I would get something like a platinum purple dress and suit like the outfits for Mickey and Minnie.

Well, I tried to make up for it by designing a custom dress with some of the platinum character silhouettes.

What’s next for me in Dreamlight Valley? Well, it’s not easy taking a break from this game because I still have all the quests from the other characters currently in the valley. I am eager to see Woody’s carousel fully repaired.

While the game always has had microtransactions, they have now introduced a shop that you can spend your moonstones on, however, it is all cosmetic so it isn’t really necessary to progress the story or friendship quests. So I don’t have any complaints because I am unlikely to spend my money on it regularly, especially if I am trying to save right now.

We’ll see but there’s a good chance I’ll rebound when the next update releases!



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