The Cursed Aquarium

I want to see that this dream was straight out of a horror movie. It started with me trying to fly away from something in my frontyard and cut to myself with a bunch of students.

I felt like I was the only person in the group who was different as usual. The so-called leader suggested that we check out this pet store for one of the girl’s dogs, which happened to be a hairless rodent in my eyes.

The place looked really sketchy with demonic paintings and eerie decor inside each of the aquariums. I was the only one who felt enthusiastic given that it felt like we were in a horror movie.

Someone complained that they didn’t want to be in a scary movie, but like a soap opera instead, which I scoffed at.

Then the place went dark, and the biggest guy in the group started to panic. When the doors slammed shut, he pounded on them, hoping they would magically open. I shook my head, knowing that there was some you should never do, unless you wanted to be the first to die. I was right, just then, something swallowed him up, a vortex that appeared so quickly, he had no time to react.

An eerie voice echoed throughout the room, warning us we had trespassed, and if we wanted to live and be granted our greatest wishes, whatever they may be, we would have to pass a test of some kind.

The girl who had the dog shouted she wanted no part in this, even if she had to shave her own head to make her dog healthy again. Then an unknown force shrunk her to the size of a minnow and she was thrown into the aquarium. Although tiny, there was such a big splash that several little fish fell out.

I pulled the live ones out of my hair, they were all neon tetra’s as I returned them to the tank. Then a strange entity resembling Poseidon rose from the water with a strange grail full of steamy blue water rather than a trident. Everyone backed away except me and I curtsied.

He pointed at me, saying he knew my deepest desire to rise above others and never be underestimated ever again. But to have that power, I would need to kill someone.

Angrily I grabbed him demanding to just give me the damn power because I declared I was the only one who believed in Gods, demons, monsters and was tired of human life, rambling on and on about why that was. It got to a point where he just was like, “Shut up, drink it, and it’s yours,” and he shoved the grail into my hands.

I chugged the blue liquid down like it was mere juice. It tasted sour and left a blue stain on my face. I smiled wickedly for the change to take effect. Even if it was just, I become my OC again but more powerful. The room became darker, and I saw something on the nearby screen. Like the opening of a video game, I waited for something to happen, like a beam fire through my body granting me such power.

Then my alarm clock went off. You know how it is in these dreams. When you see people and something terrifying happens to them, you will wake up just when it’s about to happen to you. Even if it’s a good thing which I assumed it was.

I was actually hoping for a Horizon dream last night after all I learned in the game over the course of last week, but maybe another time.



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