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The Witcher S1 E1 – The End’s Beginning

Welcome to the first episode. I will try to do one of these every week. So to start this off, the series takes place at different times for each character before they begin to align, which makes it hard to follow at first. That is why I decided to watch through it again. I will… Continue reading The Witcher S1 E1 – The End’s Beginning

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Tossing Coins to Witchers

I'm really enjoying Netflix's new Witcher series and am just wrapping up my second session of watching the first season. It may be hard to follow at first because each character's story arc starts at different times before they gradually begin to catch up to each other. But, once you go through it again, it… Continue reading Tossing Coins to Witchers

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Windows To New Worlds

My new favourite series is back! I thought I wasn't going to get a new season this year due to obvious reasons, but they must have finished filming it long before the pandemic begun. I am excited because now I'm more familiar with the Multiverse after reading the first two books and I am currently… Continue reading Windows To New Worlds

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War For Cybertron Returns

Writing this is overdue and with it about a month away, now's the time. My favourite part of the Transformers franchise has always been the war on Cybertron before it comes to Earth: no humans, no eye candy, just Autobots fighting Decepticons. Netflix announced that it will be releasing a series about the war for… Continue reading War For Cybertron Returns

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Villains With The Best Laughs

One of the most iconic things I love about a villain is their laughter. It's what makes them intimidating whether they're a serious villain or a quirky one. If a villain has a great evil laugh that makes me want to laugh with them, they become my favourite. So, you know what this post is… Continue reading Villains With The Best Laughs

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His Dark Materials S1 E8 – Betrayal

This is it everyone, we've made it to the season finale. Whoever has been reading this, I hope you've been watching the series too because this review is going to contain a lot of spoilers just like the rest. Well, I'm ready so how about you? This finale answers a lot of questions I was… Continue reading His Dark Materials S1 E8 – Betrayal

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His Dark Materials S1 E7 – The Fight to the Death

We're almost done, for now. I'm going to miss doing these every week! This is another episode I was looking forward to, because we would get to see more armored bears! I think I'm satisfied with what I saw. Mrs. Coulter really needs to control her temper, like the past few episodes she's got pretty… Continue reading His Dark Materials S1 E7 – The Fight to the Death

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His Dark Materials S1 E6 – The Daemon Cages

Well, that certainly was an episode full of surprises! Welcome to another review! I was initially surprised that we jumped to Bolvangar next in this one, but the facility looks a lot more intimidating, like at the beginning this girl gets called into this room and we have this woman who appears to have no… Continue reading His Dark Materials S1 E6 – The Daemon Cages

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His Dark Materials S1 E5 – The Lost Boy

Time for another episode review! I always look forward to writing these, and this episode brings a lot of revelations, as well as some more light on the plot in alternate Earth. Lyra and company continue to head North, and the alethiometer warns her of a ghost in a nearby village. She travels there with… Continue reading His Dark Materials S1 E5 – The Lost Boy