Dead Space 2 – Hallucinations of a Dead Girlfriend

Well here we are, the first game I completed in 2020 is Dead Space 2. I started playing it alongside of Darksiders and alternated between them based on what I felt like playing. I can multitask at games and still remember the story! I decided to start with the second game after hearing from my… Continue reading Dead Space 2 – Hallucinations of a Dead Girlfriend


Abduction and Destruction

Have I actually ever had a dream about War of the Worlds before? (The remake from Steven Spielberg, not the original) It's my favorite standalone sci-fi film and I saw it just before my freshman year. It's definitely scary at times. No matter, now I'm going to write about it. As Dragon Master, I was… Continue reading Abduction and Destruction


Chasing the Shadow

Wow what a dream! Why am I not surprised about this one? Oh yeah cause Halo MCC came out on PC this week. I finished my campaign run yesterday and enjoy playing Firefight arcade online. So now I'm alternating between that, Darksiders, and Stardew Valley. Playing Halo again has caused some feelings and memories to… Continue reading Chasing the Shadow


How Do Angara Host Weddings?

Yes, how do they? We know very little about their culture other than military and science! But yeah, so I had a dream last night that I was getting married to Jaal Ama Darav my second space hubby in the Mass Effect universe and possible the most romantic out of all my fictional crushes. Interestingly… Continue reading How Do Angara Host Weddings?